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  1. You're probably right. I had it in mind that the excavations began roughly concurrent to the Battle of Verdun, but according to Rich's timeline excavation began a year after, in 1917.
  2. That seems quite plausible. The only issue I could see with it is that it’s very close to the front. Maybe the French could accidentally extend the red zone in that area some miles behind the front, outside of artillery range. That’s assuming the map doesn’t indicate a red zone already that deep within the German zone, of course. I’m not sure how much to scale that map is.
  3. Apologies for the shitty quality on the third pic btw.
  4. Greetings, all. I’ve been mulling over Origins’ specific location for a day or so now. We all know that it’s in Northwestern France during 1918. Per Rich’s timeline, it’s specifically June of that year. I took the liberty of snapping a few screenshots of the BO2 Origins opening cutscene. Hopefully the map featured therein will help narrow it down. Attached is one of the screenshots, a map of the Western Front in 1918, and some info on one of the locations the camera focuses on. I’ll post the other two after the opening post, 2 megabyte data limit and all.
  6. Chibi Richtofen is best Richtofen
  7. Welcome! I haven't been on the forums as much as I should be, but I'm looking to rectify that. You'll find a lot of the more miscellaneous conversations on the Discord server. In-depth stuff goes on the forums in my experience, but it varies. Hope you enjoy your time here!
  9. Image reuploaded and cropped for convenience.
  10. Recently, I was looking through the intel from Black Ops 1 and GKNOVA6 for my writing. Specifically, I was looking for information regarding the development of Nova 6. The role of the Gorky-Korolev Medical Company confused me at first. Why would a Prague-based shell company with a Russian name be used by Nazi Germany to develop their secret weapon? Moreover, how would a private, collaborationist entity not immediately be liquidated by the Soviet Union, even being used as a cover to smuggle Nova 6 into the United States? Then I discovered this in @Tac's old GKNOVA6 intel thread. Apologies, for the enormous size. Look at the left clipping. This GK Corp seems to be different from the Gorky-Korolev Medical Company. Perhaps this corporation assisted the German government in the Giftiger Sturm project, similar to how IG Farben developed Zyklon B? I think this to be an interesting possibility. Also, credit again to Tac for inspiring the IG Farben connection.
  11. Mystery Moonshine- gives you a random perk for 2,000 points. If you already have four, it gives you five. You can only use it once every five rounds.
  12. Imagine if we could use Takeo’s katana in Chronicles. On a related note, I would have loved to have had a kukri on Shangri-La.
  13. I wish they could have included the MP-18 in Origins. It would have given the map more of a WW1 feel to it.
  14. I know what you're talking about, but I don't remember if it plays for everyone or just Richtofen.
  15. The Mine_See quote triggers upon seeing the cart, I believe.
  16. Mayhaps, mayhaps. I kinda like the dichotomy between Ultimis and Primis in this manner though: one had his parents die when he was very young yet found a fulfilling parental figure in adulthood, the other being born into a fulfilling household but growing up to be a monster in adulthood, growing to dislike and distort the memory of his family. Or maybe it could've been an abusive household? Either way, there are opportunities for some interesting divergence there.
  17. Ultimis Richtofen is the best examples of insanity in the COD Zombies universe. He makes every other mentally deranged character look sedate. A few days ago, I was playing Shangri-La when I heard this quote. If the link doesn't bring it up automatically, the timestamp is 7:00. This one stuck with me. We know that Ultimis Richtofen knew his mother. Richtofen mentions his mother in this same map when the Screaming Zombie spawns, as well as far back as Kino to my knowledge. In Ascension, he says he used to have a little sister whose dolls he would crush to make her cry. Now, Richtofen's instability renders him as somewhat of an unreliable narrator. We can't take every detail he says as 100% accurate. But, unless he is deluding himself into having a family, I think we can trust at least the existence of a mother and sister; I'm willing to bet that he also knew his father. I say this because of his reaction to the mine cart. While it could remind him of his childhood in other ways, I'm willing to bet that it reminds him of his childhood because his father was a miner. One could say that because Primis Richtofen was an orphan, Ultimis Richtofen should be assumed to be so as well. Maybe. But there are differences in the two's background. Who's to say having parents isn't one of them?
  18. Thank you for the kind gesture, Lenne. I’m enjoying my stay so far. I put Moon up there largely because of the hacker hahahahaha. If you know how to use it, that thing will make the map bend to you. As for my favorite crew, I definitely have to choose Ultimis. People like to say that Primis is the most developed, but I find that to be a somewhat lacking analysis. Primis is developed in the more conventional sense, it has a linear—if exceptionally complicated—story with traditional character beats and such. Ultimis on the other hand has mainly hidden development for its characters—camouflaged, if you will. You have to actively search for and be interested in the Ultimis characters/story to get a deeper appreciation for it. And when you do get a deeper appreciation for it, I feel Ultimis comes out the stronger crew and story. The radios and Ascension PaP quotes are a good example of this. Though I must confess that I do kinda count the info learned about Takeo and Nikolai in Zetsubo and Gorod Krovi as part of the Ultimis storyline, simply because it’s the logical background for Takeo being detained by Group 935 in the first place and Nikolai’s tragic backstory was alluded to by Ultimis Dempsey and Takeo in some of their Ascension PaP quotes. Victis was a missed opportunity and done incredibly dirty by Treyarch, but that’s a rant for another day.
  19. Beat them into loving Zombies. /s As for my favorite map, It’s a contested title, but I’ll say either Moon or Origins atm.
  20. "*mad cackling* It worked! Now on to phase 12!" Thank you so much though, in all seriousness.
  21. Also, er, I hate to ask this, but how can I get the invite to the Discord? Whenever I click on it, it either gives an error message or says it's awaiting administrator action.
  22. Thank you both for replying so quickly! Can't blame ya with the BO3 sprinters hahahaha. I'm mainly on BO3 now, but I used to play the Hell out of BO1. I couldn't get past Tranzit in BO2 though.
  23. Hi! My name is NotAnAn0n. I recently discovered this forum after I started getting back into Zombies. Origins remastered was kicking me in the ying-yang and I was looking for a guide. Lo and behold, I happen upon this community of fellow Zombies nerds. As a (hint: self-proclaimed) writer, I instantly connected with a lot of the theorizing I saw here. I’ll try to keep active, but I might be found more on the Discord, as that is my preferred platform. I hope to be a great addition to the community!
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