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  1. I'd be down for a slightly larger font size :P
  2. This area is hard to see. I nearly missed it and kept scrolling. Would be nice to have something that delineates it a bit. Some of the areas are definitely tough to read with the lights on in my room. Overall though, I do like this style better. One thing I would personally like is the ability to collapse the recent activity above the forums.
  3. My guilty pleasure is rocking out to Limp Bizkit, especially in the car. So if you ever pass a badass rockin out in the car, you know das me.
  4. I haven't seen your reply in the staff section yet so maybe you have seen that this is staying and will also likely have an upgrade to it. On top of the regular features of LFG that you are use to, the one for xenforo can be hooked into the forums so we can pull the data to each forum section. So say you are in Blops4 section, you will see all those that are playing Blops4 zombies. If you are in Blops3 section, you'll see the players that are playing Blops3. Should make things more seamless and easier to find stuff that you are looking for (or things you didn't realize you wanted lol).
  5. The original name for the site was Xbox Revamped. We got hacked at the same time another site got hacked. I contacted the admin there and we decided to join forces. His site was "Se7en Mods" and he wanted to keep the word "se7en" in it. Don't know the significance behind it for him so while we were brainstorming, I came up with Se7enSins and we liked it so went with it. We started as se7en-sins.tk and then when things started improving, I bought the domain ? The other admin ended up getting in trouble with the law and haven't seen him since a few months after the site started. But yeah, the movie "Se7en" popped into my mind when he said he wanted to keep the word "se7en" in it, which is how I came to Se7enSins.
  6. Wanted to give the community a little more insight. We are working diligently in the background and want to bring this site up to date a little more. We have plans in place to add additional features to the site, update the design of the site (while still keeping the same CoDZ feel), working on tweaks that should increase people visiting the site (more members!), bringing products to do more giveaways for the members, and many small things/logistics to help improve your experience on the site! I don't want to give a direct timeline as much of the estimates would come down to when projects are finished but we are hoping by mid-summer that the site will receive an upgrade to the server, optimizations for page loading times, as well as the improvements and extra features we are looking at adding. I do know that change is always hard, but we are hoping that with the help of the active members in the community, we can make these changes that everyone will like and welcome! As for the network, being apart of the network means we will be able to continue to improve upon the site, keeping things fresh and up to date!
  7. Hey, it's your again ? Thanks for joining all the sites!
  8. I'm glad you like what I've mentioned. There will be more and it will take some time but we are all working towards making some changes to improve the overall experience on the site ? Thanks! Glad to be apart of this great community and look forward to interacting with more members!
  9. Hi everyone! New admin here. Thank you for all the great points @The Meh and everyone else that has added to this thread. I've looked over this thread and if the Gods at IPS let us, we can try to make some of this happen. IPS is a tough software to deal with. The smallest of addons cost $10+ where on other platforms, they would be given out freely (I'm talking stupid things like adding an Ad code to a specific area was $10 when I was using their platform YEARS ago...hopefully things have changed to make things more competitive in the forum software market). I have already gone through some of the back end settings and some other "webmastery thingys" to help the site rank better in search engines. But there is still much planned! Right now on my roadmap, I plan on tackling: Better advertisements - Let's face it, in order to get nice things for the site, the site has to be generating more revenue than it currently is. I plan on expanding the advertisement pool to increase the overall payouts to the site. In the same breath, I plan on changing some of the ad placements as well as the blending options for the ads so they don't stick out like sore thumbs like they currently do (while not being deceptional). Analytics - I've already started on this a bit but will be expanding it and probably getting the team more involved in it. I plan on using analytics to discover content that may have been overlooked and then work with the team to promote it through the social media platforms. Which brings me to my next point. IPS (forum software) changes - There are things within the settings that I've already identified as being an issue and those have been corrected. I suspect there are more things and as I go through all of the settings, they will be corrected. Also with this end of what I plan on doing, I want to go through what available addons there are in the IPS marketplace to see if we can add more features for the members. Social media - There is a lot of untapped potential in the social media platforms that this site has garnered in the past. We need to use this more to keep our community out in front of everyone's faces. My business partner will also be helping with this aspect. User activity/stickiness - As some of you have mentioned, people just come here to read a thread and leave. People aren't posting, which is part of the problem with getting more traffic to the community. I want to look over the user interface in terms of the design aspects and see if there are things that can be changed to make the site more inviting to not only join, but to also start posting and become an active part of the growing community. I think we need to recognize users who are trying to comment and share on the site better than we currently are. I have a few ideas for this that I'll be bouncing off the team here shortly. Other stuff - I'm sure there is more but off the top of my head, I can't think of it. I mentioned my business partner above. We come as a bundled deal and I know he plans on bringing more sponsorships to the site which means more revenue for the site to use for upgrading various aspects of the community and also doing more giveaways for the users here. I'll let him share more on this if he wants to expand on it. I am apart of the Discord so feel free to message me (as I would also like picking some of your brains...pun intended...and get a feel for this community a bit better). Just like most people here, I do have a life. I work in my other business Mon - Thurs during the days so communication is a bit sketchy during the week and I typically get to messages in the evening then (it may show I'm online due to my opening my laptop so don't feel you are being ignored if I don't respond once I pop up as "online"). I have a wife and 2 kids (2 and 4 - both of which are killing my wife and I on sleep), I also run a 1M+ member gaming site, and am getting ready to launch a new esports community that will be in network with CoDz while offering the members here some additional features if we can't bring those features directly to this site due to this software's limitations. With all that being said, CoDz is apart of the family now ? I look forward to being a valuable part of this team here and hope to get things moving along quicker for everyone on this site to see the community really prosper!

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