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  1. But Richtofen and Maxis are technically humans. So it would make sense that they could destroy each other using some sort of power. But when it is Gods doing it, it is practically unlikely. That's why you need more people than one God to defeat one God.
  2. Also how does one celestial being just instantly zaps another out of existent? That is not possible as "Gods" can't necessarily be destroyed. Especially when another God of the same power does it. There just is no logic behind that. That would mean there would be chaos throughout the Universes and Argartha. Gods just would zap one another and there probably won't be any Gods left.
  3. Then wouldn't that artificial being become the ultimate race. Would we be able to live side by side or will we go in an all out war.
  4. I just got bored and i thought that this was a great topic.
  5. What if the world that we are living in, is just a simulation game. And the simulation could end at any point, just by the click of the button.
  6. Guys. What if the air we breath actually gave us hallucinations and those hallucinations are what we perceive as the Real World. And drugs are actually a way to see the actual Real World. But the government doesn't want anyone to know that we are living in a hallucination. And that's why drugs are illegal.
  7. What's on my mind then.....huh.... I don't know :P

  8. This is the best by far best Intro i have ver seen on this Forum. Namaste
  9. Hello AetherialVocies. I am currently wondering what did you do to get UoTM. Thank you and Namaste.

    1. AetherialVoices


      The actual process is voting.

      But what I did that got me nominated was just being around here and consistently posting good content. I personally post a good amount of theories and work at keeping them up-to-date.

    2. 64BitZomibie


      Oh. I understand. Thank you for telling me. I will try my best to help the community! Namaste!

    3. anonymous


      Every month a new voting will start and members will be able to vote for someone they think has been awesome that month. And this time that's AetherialVoices. Take a look at his theories and posts and you'll understand.

  10. What will most-likely that will happen is that Treyarch will bring back the Tranzit crew ( Russman, Misty, ect.) in another installment of zombies. Like you have said, Treyarch has wrapped up the Richtofen Crew with ,in my opinion, a very vague cutscene. Treyarch will bring back the Tranzit Crew for these two reasons that i think why. 1. The Tranzit Crew just disappeared and got replaced by Richtofen's 2. We still don't know why the Tranzit Crew is in the Zombie universe and their purpose. So those are my speculations of what will happen in the maybe very near future.
  11. Hey Im 64BitZombie. If you are friendly then we will have a great time together....... But if you are not then your are Cruisin For A Bruisin buddy. Your call.

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