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    Blood of the Dead Fan Trailer

  2. Blurryface

    Zombies patch/hotfix/tweak notes thread

    Ngl, I'm pretty sad about this. I liked seeing how much XP I was getting end round and also opening doors etc too. Hope they bring it back!
  3. Blurryface

    talisman rarity

    I've not spent any of my divinium let's say, honestly don't find the need in it. Probably when I reach prestige 10 I will do an opening video and see what I get but I don't see myself using them.
  4. Official Black Ops 4 Zombie Stats Thread With the first weekend complete since the release of Black Ops 4, I thought it was time we get our stats thread created so we have a home for everyone to share there stats and level as they progress through the ranks. You can use this as a home to store all your stats, headshots, explosive kills etc and look back in the future to see how far you have come. I will start this off by posting my first stats image below! Prestige 1 Level 10 - 13hrs Playtime 15/10/18
  5. Blurryface

    IX Wonder Weapon Guide

    IX Wonder Weapon Guide STEP 1 Open up Pack A Punch by completing the 4 gong challenges. You can use my guide here. STEP 2 After activating Pack A Punch the wall will crumble at the Danu-Ra enterance. Walk up to the wall and look down the tunel and you will see a bowl of fire. You will need to shoot this until it falls off. STEP 3 Head to the bridge in that same temple and look down onto the floor off the bridge. You will see a fire trail that will be an arrow pointing to a certain temple. You are going to head to the correct temple idicated by the arrow and collect a stone head. Here are all of the locations for the stone head in all of the different possible spawn temples. Ra - On the bottom floor behind a flaming bowl Danu - On the bottom floor, in the water Zeus - Bottom floor, in the bath, in the corner underneath some curtains Odin - next to big cauldron STEP 4 Next you will need to build the acid trap at any of the entrances to the temples from the arena. Once built, place the stone head on the grid in the middle of the floor and acitvate the trap. Once the trap has finished you will notice that the stone head has melted and has left a scorpion key within it on the floor. Pick this us as we need it for the next step. STEP 5 Now you must gain a full Crowd Affinity for 2 rounds. Go to the Arena and get killing zombies and not being hit by the fire as this will make it go negative. After the 2nd round ends the crowd will throw you a golden jar you must hold interact to pickup. You will know this has dropped as the commentator will say you have recieved a gift from the gods and it can be found on the floor. STEP 6 Finally go downstairs in the Danu temple where it has the green looking area and look out for the 2 trees. One of these will have a hole on it which you need to knife to put in the scorpion key and then you will need to look down directly below it and hold the action button to place the jar. Now you have to complete a round and the jar will fill. Once the jar has been filled, pick it up and head to the mystey box. Head over to the side of the box where you will be prompted to poison the box, do this then buy the box and the next weapon 100% you will recieve will be the Wonder Weapon Death of Orion. Congrats! Enjoy your new Wonder Weapon to help you survive the rounds.
  6. Blurryface

    IX Wonder Weapon Guide

    Ahh, I see! Honestly? Yes. It is a beast especially at high rounds. Has single and charged shots that can take out waves of zombies! Plus, it looks cool asf.
  7. Blurryface

    IX Wonder Weapon Guide

    You didn't know? Glad you have this now. Yeah the steps aren't as simple as I first thought they would be, but at least now you can have the WW all to yourself!
  8. Blurryface

    Overpowered specialist weapons

    It is exactly that. To make the game easier for new comers. But they could add a longer cooldown on the other difficulty levels where players who play the game on casual get the special weapons much faster but if you play on normal or hard, the cooldown time is extended much longer.
  9. Blurryface

    Overpowered specialist weapons

    Yeah well this was before they buffed the health even more lmao. Still find it way too OP
  10. Blurryface

    Missing theif

    I'm hoping so. If you bring up the quest menu where you can see your PAP and shield parts, you can see a cloudy area over to the left - Indicating some sort of parts we are missing that might lead to a bigger EE.
  11. Blurryface

    Classified Project Skadi Easter Egg Guide

    Thanks dude! I think the order of the painings is random evey game. Not sure 100%. Will update the thread though buddy.
  12. Classified Project Skadi Easter Egg Guide STEP 1 You are going to need to collect 4 codes around the map. Here aare the 4 locations for them. Behind the George Washington name plate just outside the spawn room - (this step is a little weird so the best thing to do is spam all of the pictures with the PAP starting pistol) doing so will reveal a hidden door within a name plate giving you the code. Get the key outside the panic room and head back upstairs to the main offices to open drawer upstairs in middle of main office to obtain second code. Outside of the target practice room in the labs throw a grenade into the window over the teleporter piece to spawn the third code on the wall just beside the window. Activate the defcon switches in this specific order - Upstairs across elevator, Server Room, Upstairs near elevator, Downstairs. Enter teleporter to panic room and interact with static tv near old PAP to receive fourth and final code STEP 2 Enter your numbers into the machine in this order George Washington name plate code Main Offices Drawer code Lab Window code Panic Room TV code STEP 3 Survive 3 waves inside of Area 51 ( Pack a Punch ) until the barricade beside the PAP unlocks revealing a breifcase that you can open to get a free Winters Howl and the achievement(only the person that picks up the winters howl will get this achievement, you will need to do this again for multiple people. You will also be given a Max Ammo and Bondfire Sale! Congrats and well done on completing the Project Skadi EE! Shoutout to everyone on reddit who came together to solve this!
  13. Blurryface

    Overpowered specialist weapons

    The only reason we get to Specialist Weapon right off and how powerfull it is, is due to not having our usual Jugg/Speed Cola etc. Blundell mentioned this in an interview where he spoke about removing certain perks and why. He mentioned that the Specialist Weapons were made to be used as something new and also a break free if you found yourself in trouble due to not having as much health or reload times. I see where you guys are coming from, I think it is very OP. I mean, I can be on round 80 and still 1 hit zombies with the Katana. But, they are fun to use and also something new so I can't really complain. Would be nice for us to need to work to get them. I mean sheesh, I need to do a mini EE on Classified to get the Winters Fury which I know I could technically get from the box but still - It doesnt even do good at round 50. I still can't deny, I love the game!
  14. Blurryface

    Missing theif

    As far as we know, he isn't in the map yet. Not unless the main quest has something to do with him.
  15. Blood of the Dead Shield Upgrade Guide Hey Guys! This is a straight forward guide on how to upgrade the shield on Blood of the Dead. STEP 1 Find all parts and build the normal shield. You can find my guide here. STEP 2 Spin the Mystery Box until you make it change location. You will notice there will be a padlock that shows in the box indicating that the box is going to move. Simply zap the padlock with your key while holding out your normal shield and when the padlock turns blue, throw your Hells Retriever at it, thus unlocking the upgraded shield. Congrats. How easy was that? Keep hunting them zombies!
  16. Here is the current list of Prestige icons for Zombies in BO4. Will update list as the final few are unlocked!
  17. Blurryface

    All BO4 Zombies Prestige Icons (So Far)

    Prestige 8 & 9 Updated! @Spider I like 7 the most. 9 is pretty cool though!
  18. Blurryface


    ily for this. ❤️
  19. Blurryface

    Surviving Black Ops IV: A Battle Plan

    Thank you @Lenne. Really wish I found this topic earlier on as I was that one person (yes bad boy blurry) who basically have done all of the opposites to your amazing tips here. I promise from this day on there will be no more all nighters, no more cans of monsters one after another and getting proper rest and breaks. Also I need to stop spending so much time playing with my golden rod thingy...
  20. Blood of the Dead Pack A Punch Guide This is a step by step guide on how to reach pack a punch. As the game has just released, some steps may be slightly out of place in my list below but the thread will be updated if so. Also, guide pictures/videos will be added to the thread as time goes on for locations of certain steps etc. Lets get to the steps! STEP 1 Build the Zombie Shield. ( Here is my guide on that ) STEP 2 Next you will have to charge the shield up by zapping zombies with the key that can be used with the shield. It is roughly around 5 kills and you will know this step is complete when the key starts to glisten. STEP 3 Head to the roof and you will see a uncharged volts power box beside the "NO ONE ESCAPES ALIVE" sign. Simply walk up to it with the shield and aim in and bash the box and doing this will send the power that you charged with the key through it. STEP 4 Now all you have to do is sit back and watch Pack A Punch fall from the sky and now you will be able to use it! Congrats! You now know how to unlock Pack A Punch for Blood of the Dead!
  21. Blood of the Dead Hells Retriever Guide You will need to kill zombies around all of the hellhounds on the walls that can be found around the map until they go away. Hellhound locations are as follows: New Industries Cell Block 2nd Floor Outside the Warden's Office Once you have successfully completed all of the Hellhounds on the walls, take the Fast Travel from the Laundry Room and you are able to pick up the Hell's Retriever about halfway through the Fast Travel animation. You will see it just below you and all you have to do is hold your action button as you pass it. Congrats on unlocking the Hells Retriever on Blood of the Dead!
  22. Blurryface

    Official Black Ops 4 Zombie Stats Thread

    Thanks brother. Me too!
  23. Blurryface

    Zombies patch/hotfix/tweak notes thread

    They shouldn't have touched the Classic health at all, it was fine. Change Casual all you like but now the game is going to be too easy. High rounds were already easy to get. Glad to hear about the dogs and tigers though.

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