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  1. I'll keep that in mind dude. Sounds good fun. I'll keep you updated
  2. So I have started uploading to YouTube again and I must say I am loving it. My channel is mixed with lots of different things but I would like to bring more zombies to it, so this is why I am posting this today. Is there any specific content that you would enjoy watching such as Custom Zombies, or challenges like the Starting Room Challenge, No Perks etc. If I can get a nice little list then I will get them uploaded asap. Thanks dudes ^.^
  3. Thanks bro! Will give it a go, sounds fun. I do like a bit of Disney and story too so sounds good to me Thanks man. I've already requested one thing from her when we move in... My Zombies Den
  4. Yes sorry my bad lol. Yep glad to finally have some time to be back home to one of my favourite places. Been busy with work apprenticeship etc and me and the Mrs looking at moving in together so lots of big things happening. God I wish I was 15 again...
  5. I like both story lines to be fair. Although I would be lying if I said I wouldn't want more Aether maps. Possible Season 2 for BO4 during the next COD lifetime?
  6. @anonymous I actually have that game too. Not played much of it either but seems to be a great game! I also just started playing World War 3 which is basically a modern day FPS made to replicate Battlefield. Loving the game so far even though its still early access.
  7. So I've been needing a little break from zombies as the grind to master prestige has finally exhuasted me. Round 100 on every map and now it's just getting a little grindy towards level 1000. I resorted to hoping on my PC and giving myself some old gamer love with a few older games that I loved playing when I was younger. So for the past week I've been playing and much enjoying Saints Row The Third. I actually got this on the steam winter sale with all DLC for around £3 which I thought was an absolute win. Now about a week later, I have fully completed the game and achieved all the achievements apart from the co-op ones since the game is pretty dead. Anways - It has been super fun to play again and gave me hours of laughter. Since I completed this, I went sale hunting again. Managed to pick up Sniper Ghost Warrior Trillogy for £2.40, yes - 3 games for £2.40!! I know these arent the most recent of games, hence the cheap price but it's just the fun and enjoyment of the games I onced played as a kid that attracted me to them. Almost finished the first GW and will be heading onto the second soon. I have a few games in mind that I would like to pick up this month. Those being, Dead Rising (the first one xD) and Skater XL. Been looking for a new skating game for a while so super hyped for that! :D
  8. It's December. It's cold. It's almost the end of the year.... So as today is Christmas Eve, I just thought I would leave everyone a little message wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Another year spent here at CODZ and I have enjoyed it just as much as the others. BO4 is keeping me busy and so is this place so I couldn't be happier. A big thank you also to everyone here for keeping the community alive and for being such great friends. There isn't that many of us left and our little tight community here is humbling to be part of. So from me Merry Christmas when it comes everyone and All the best for 2019!
  9. Just got BFV as it was on sale on the PS Store. Normally they cost more than the retail stores do but managed to pick it up for £30 so bonus! Looking forward to playing it, just need to find the time over the holidays and between my zombie addiction to fit it in without me being disturbed :3
  10. Could I please request from one of you lovely admins we get a Dead of the Night section please?! I will get some guides and strategies up 🙂

    1. Lenne


      We have one it is at the bottom of the BO IIII section. Or is it not visible to you?

    2. Boom115


      Moved it to the top

    3. RequixEclipse


      Mush ruining for Xboxers to be done ehh87630C6E-6D63-48C7-95D6-FAAE8599A718.jpeg

  11. @RequixEclipse Firstly, thanks for the tag. Glad you see me as one of the very few still active survivors lmao. I completely agree with you. BO4 is one, if not the best zombies experiance the community has had yet. Okay we can all agree it may have took a step back in some ways such as leaderboards, stats/barracks, lack of calling cards/camos etc but like you said - remember when we only had 2 maps or even 1 back in WAW? The game has came a long, long way since then. BO4 is a fantastic games. 4 Maps on launch, a new storyline and not forgetting our first DLC map which I am in love with! Who cares about being first to solve an egg, it wastes it for everyone else when the egg is literally done within the first few hours of it being released. There is so so so much more to these maps. Take Classified for example, okay maybe no main egg apart from the cutscene but the map is still great to play and enjoy. So many people are just rushing in, completing the main egg then saying the game is trash and has no content when it bloody well does. The only things I would like added is a dark matter / diamond camo for zombies just like mp gets for the grind. A better barracks system where I can see how many kills etc with certain guns The ability to go up black market tiers while playing zombies and finally the ability to use black market variants on zombies. Thats the only things I would love to see happen, but I'm not gonna call the game trash because it doesnt have them yet. Come on CODZ community! Get back into loving what brought you all here and stop rushing things and just enjoy the game. Also while im typing this I may aswell explain my short little dissapearence I had there - sorry I had a bad case of the flu but im back now lmao. If anyone would ever like to play some games hmu! Eggs, High rounds, Map exploring - ANYTHING, lets play! I love this community and I call it home, I would honestly love to see it become very active again!
  12. Currently 7 and a half prestige through and still enjoying the game. When I see people complain, I always think back to WAW and for all we had then how to be grateful for What we have now. I'm looking forward to reaching master prestigeand going for the shotgun emblem but just wish they had some more master calling cards and some other physical things we could unlock. Still loving the game and MP and Blackout also keep me going if I ever feel bored!
  13. Thanks man! I have another one for those campers out there lmao. Yeah traps can be fast but the no kills / xp from them just wastes it for someone like me who like to grind the XP!
  14. Here is my newest Classified high round and fast XP strategy. Hope you all enjoy!
  15. Guess my week off work really helped lmao. 25th October Stats.
  16. Good post buddy. I'll let you know if I find anymore! I have most of these. Just unlocked the Pack a Punch one there.
  17. I've not spent any of my divinium let's say, honestly don't find the need in it. Probably when I reach prestige 10 I will do an opening video and see what I get but I don't see myself using them.
  18. Ahh, I see! Honestly? Yes. It is a beast especially at high rounds. Has single and charged shots that can take out waves of zombies! Plus, it looks cool asf.
  19. You didn't know? Glad you have this now. Yeah the steps aren't as simple as I first thought they would be, but at least now you can have the WW all to yourself!
  20. IX Wonder Weapon Guide STEP 1 Open up Pack A Punch by completing the 4 gong challenges. You can use my guide here. STEP 2 After activating Pack A Punch the wall will crumble at the Danu-Ra enterance. Walk up to the wall and look down the tunel and you will see a bowl of fire. You will need to shoot this until it falls off. STEP 3 Head to the bridge in that same temple and look down onto the floor off the bridge. You will see a fire trail that will be an arrow pointing to a certain temple. You are going to head to the correct temple idicated by the arrow and collect a stone head. Here are all of the locations for the stone head in all of the different possible spawn temples. Ra - On the bottom floor behind a flaming bowl Danu - On the bottom floor, in the water Zeus - Bottom floor, in the bath, in the corner underneath some curtains Odin - next to big cauldron STEP 4 Next you will need to build the acid trap at any of the entrances to the temples from the arena. Once built, place the stone head on the grid in the middle of the floor and acitvate the trap. Once the trap has finished you will notice that the stone head has melted and has left a scorpion key within it on the floor. Pick this us as we need it for the next step. STEP 5 Now you must gain a full Crowd Affinity for 2 rounds. Go to the Arena and get killing zombies and not being hit by the fire as this will make it go negative. After the 2nd round ends the crowd will throw you a golden jar you must hold interact to pickup. You will know this has dropped as the commentator will say you have recieved a gift from the gods and it can be found on the floor. STEP 6 Finally go downstairs in the Danu temple where it has the green looking area and look out for the 2 trees. One of these will have a hole on it which you need to knife to put in the scorpion key and then you will need to look down directly below it and hold the action button to place the jar. Now you have to complete a round and the jar will fill. Once the jar has been filled, pick it up and head to the mystey box. Head over to the side of the box where you will be prompted to poison the box, do this then buy the box and the next weapon 100% you will recieve will be the Wonder Weapon Death of Orion. Congrats! Enjoy your new Wonder Weapon to help you survive the rounds.
  21. It is exactly that. To make the game easier for new comers. But they could add a longer cooldown on the other difficulty levels where players who play the game on casual get the special weapons much faster but if you play on normal or hard, the cooldown time is extended much longer.

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