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  1. I mainly play co-op so I find it kills my train. Not tried it too much solo.
  2. Not really fussed about any remakes to be honest. I still have a PS3 with BO1 and 2 with season pass. If I want to play old maps then I will just play on that particular game.
  3. Sorry, the question was at the bottom and was a bit long. @shirtlesservice I will take a look at that. Thanks!
  4. There is rumours around that Origins, MOTD, Moon and Ascension to be remade but that is going of Youtube which isn't 100% accurate to be fair.
  5. I'm sorry but I love blast furnace too much. Training round the rocket wait till all the zombies are gathered up and set them on flames. It is too pleasing.
  6. @funkydisciple Nice, I didn't realise you accepted. I'll be on after that time as I am off work tomorrow, if you can play tonight we can take the rounds slowly so you can more of an idea of the map. I know how to do all bows but the fire one is a pain! I, personally would recommend getting to know the map fully then attempts the easter egg, I am still to do this as usually me or my friends mess up in some way or someone loses connection but the ones I play with never back out (unless they REALLY have to go or disconnection). As much as I would love to go insomnia unfortunately not, I
  7. So usually when I play Der Eisendrache I tend to get the bow between round 7-10. Perks I usually run for both solo/co-op (without perkaholic) is jug, double tap, stamin up and electric cherry. My guns are always VMP w/ Blast Furnace because I can get ammo of the wall whenever needed so not relying on max ammo and Electric bow. Most of my downs are from reviving team mates in co-op unless I'm having a bad game :P My strategy is usually going to the rocket pad running trains near the front of the rocket pad doors. If it gets busy I can run underneath the rocke
  8. Don't worry, we were all noobs at one point. You will get better like we all have. I won't be able to play much tonight but I will be on in the coming days, I'll get you to at least round 30 and I can probably get another 1-3 others to play.
  9. I have also just joined but I have PS4 aswell. I will add you when I finish work. And Chorley, not too far from me.
  10. I have also had this and took screenshots on PS4. So strange when I first saw it!
  11. Hi, I'm new here but not new at Zombies. Just looking to see if anyone from the UK with a mic and over the age of 16 wants to group up. Add me on PS4 - AllStar_Caino I also have a community with over 300 people so far and counting. thanks
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