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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

The countdown has finished, Firebase Z has arrived!


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  1. 17 minutes ago, Lenne said:

    3. Yes I played all of them. XI the most, then Classified, BotD, Voyage and then the new map. The latter of those quickly becoming my favorite one of BO4.

    I have only played Classified once.  It was never a favorite of mine.  The only reason I played it before was because the cast was kind of cool.  With that changed, I really just have no interest.  Never have done the EE and don't even know how to PAP.

    I played the Titanic 1 time and it was cool.  I just haven't started playing it exclusively due to IX and BotD.  I love Blood!  Loved it even more the first go round.\

    I have not even been able to play the new map.  I will look at it later this week.  I am just to invested in other maps to start something new.

  2. I have a situation and I wonder if anybody else is having the same.  Since we had access to 4 Zombie maps from the start, I have been finding it hard to play just one map.  I am an EE fan and really enjoy the challenge of doing them.  The problem I am having is that, there are two maps I am currently playing and have come close to EE as possible without completing them.  I seriously don't even play the Titanic and the was the map I was most excited about.  How do you play four maps, and now a fifth one, and not feel overwhelmed?  I think it is showing in this forum as well.  Normally full of buzz and theories, it seems as if the game has offered so much, that there is no time to do anything else.


    What is the secret to sanity?  



    Did Treyarch overdo it a bit?



    Have you played all the maps?



    What are your feelings about the gameplay and style so far?




  3. 46 minutes ago, PINNAZ said:

    That was patched in. 

    Changing the gameplay mechanics after launch really pisses me off. I wish they just got the balance right before they launched the game. Sure I'm all for after launch balancing, but adding the extra health bar, adding Speed Cola, nerfing common Elixir cooldown times, having Zombies die out! (they changed that from 5 minutes to 10 minutes, you won't even create a crawler until round 25ish). And in BO2 & 3, they kept changing the zombies mechanics (hit speed, die out & respawn) multiple times after launch. I f*cking hate that they change the core mechanics of what made Zombies. 

    I used to rely on the zombie crawler.  I could take the crawler down to the rocket/pap area in ascension and then run all the way back to the lander location on the opposite end of the map and lay my controller down and it would take close to 20 minutes before he got to us.  Great strategy for high round online games with friends.  That is one of the first things I noticed with games that followed.  "Who Killed The Damn Crawler?"  Oh the glory days! 

  4. 4 minutes ago, PINNAZ said:

    Double post as this isn’t related to my experience is a suggestion.  



    • Completing Main Quests on Casual difficulty. 

    By allowing this, it opens the game up to casual, less experienced Zombies players and even players like myself who play mainly solo & want to progress & get better.  (Not having supersprinters on Round 5)


    This enables replayability endlessly.


    Let players complete the steps on a lower level & experience a main quest Easter egg. 

    Players can learn the steps & get better, then attempt it on normal (or higher difficulty)


    Maybe time gate it to a month after community completion etc. Where no extra rewards such as XP, calling cards or Achievements/Trophies are gained

    This should be enabled when the Authenticity System is enabled (should of been at launch)



    I don’t understand why even small story Easter eggs such as radios/audio triggers have been taken out of the casual difficulty. 

    This just cuts access to a lot of the casual player base. 



    Being able to build the maps “Wünder Weapon” on casual without starting the Quest is a great addition as getting the WW in BO3 required starting the main quest. 

    +1 for this gameplay balance. 



    Having Custom Mutations & even the 4 options of difficulty are one of the best additions to Zombies gameplay.


    Disabling the in game Easter’s Eggs almost makes these options pointless. 



    Replayability is what the community are screaming for @Treyarch. 


    I rarely even open an easy game due to everything you just said.  Without even knowing that I could not do the EE, I assumed that if you were not playing on normal or better you would not be able to.  I tested my theory on BotD.  The pages in the wardens office are completely missing.  I try not to get online for a few months so that I don't spoil the gameplay so I have been in the dark on the majority of what is happening.  Hell, it took me forever just to figure out that we gained Speed Cola after obtaining all perks.  With that said, I have looked on forward to BotD EE and still haven't completed it.  I think that there is replayability but agree with you that it is severely hampered by the fact that they cut out an entire demographic with limiting gameplay on easy mode.  With four maps to begin with, I could play this for a year and not get tired of it (well, maybe the blue screen would get old).  All in all, you summed everything up pretty well on par with my general feelings about the game.


    As a side note, I think the EE's are a bit more difficult when playing solo.  There are just to many things to do that requires some bit of teamwork, like BotD.  Have you tried to find these damn birds alone.  F**k that noise.  Unlock casual Easter Egg?  Hell yes, I say!!!

  5. When everything is good we don't have an issue, but the second something doesn't live up to the elite expectation it seems people are ready to jump ship.  Just remember this one thing.  Treyarch said that the life of this game will greatly outweigh the life of the previous games.  It just came out for crying out loud!  I fully expect a lot of glitches and problems.  The problem is that the glitches in no way help any of our players like it used to in the past.  Remember Ascension?  I cannot tell you how many time I exploited that game for the fun of it.  You also have got to remember that they added another game type into the mix.  When zombies first started it was just a cool mini game and an after thought to begin with.  It is way to early for any of these self appointed pricks to be bad-mouthing a game that in my eyes have tried to breech the norm and go balls deep.  You got to respect the fact that they are trying to bring Zombies and the Black Ops brand fresh new content.  I say be patient.  The best is yet to come.  I believe in the year to come, the focus and discussions will be different and every nay-sayer will have to live with the fact that they bad mouthed a soon to be classic.


    Just my opinion.  Do with it what you will.


    P.S.  Someone please hit me up on PSN for EE runs.  I have not completed one to date and my last run ended sad and "Blue"!


  6. 8 hours ago, Boom115 said:

    Not sure how I feel about the dlc leak. I guess just all mythology is real in the chaos universe. That’s a lot to chew on. Also 4 additional characters. Don’t know how they would expect us to make any emotional connection to these characters. I’m still going to take it all with a grain of salt as it seems odd that they would leak classified storylines to qa testers. CEOs don’t leak their business strategy to the guys in the mail room. Terrible analogy, but you get what I’m saying.

    Sounds interesting enough.  That is, if they can make sense of it without trying to hard to pull it off.  I am glad to see there is still hope for the Aether story line.

  7. On 9/25/2018 at 11:31 AM, The Meh said:

    Hot take, respectable opinion... strange balancing act.

    I don't think there's many people who don't. Honestly, I'm saddened by it as much as I still could be. But hey, they said Multiplayer at least had more story to it (I pray it's better than Black Ops III's).

    ..and I'll assume the stories that Zombies will be telling will be 10x as better than usual. So... I'm quite alright with that.

    I for one never really played the campaign.  Even the Zombie Version that came out before.  The name escapes me right now, but AI just isn't doing it for me.  Besides, The multiplayer and Zombies is the reason I buy the games in the first place.  Every year, I give Activision my money for the new Call of Duty and it either sucks and I go back to the latest black ops or it is playable just enough for the next version to come out and I go back to the latest black ops.

  8. Lets get a video tab with all the latest Blundell Interviews, updates, E3 footage, and general video discussions.  Make it like a one stop shop so that people don't have to google search each individual item.  This will keep threads dedicated to topics like the new A7X video out of other threads that may be better served with other content.


    Sounds Like An Idea?

  9. I agree!  This seems fair and just.  It is a way for the developers to still make rights exclusive and make money, but it is not such a drag to the rest of the world.  In an earlier post, someone mentioned that waiting a month spoiled the game play.  The EE has already been solved and they do not get to participate in the action.  I wonder, since Blundell said that he thinks the community will be split with which EE gets done first, which map are you guys dedicating the majority of your time to?

  10. I would love to see it start backwards. By that I mean, I want to be able to get to the Situation Room as part of the Easter egg. I think it would be a nice touch to start us out somewhere deeper in the Pentagon and that part of the map will be available but not the whole thing. I think it would be really cool to have to go into the older parts of the map to secure things that was left behind during the first iteration. I do not want to see a complete copy of 5!

  11. 23 minutes ago, Lenne said:

    @The Meh Got it.


    @JJMFP Just see it as a sign of gratitude for playing with us in the downtime. If you don't want it, I can revoke it. No big deal either way.


    So I just say we keep it the way it has been. 2, 6 and 10 points and as long as there aren't 6 error points on the board, the game is still open to play. This was too much of a hassle for my liking.



    Just giving you a hard time.  I like seeing me at the bottom.

  12. On 9/4/2018 at 10:34 AM, Wooodd said:

    Close eh... areas involving the plane...


    What about the cables running into the right of each electric chair on the bridge? They're red, close ad in a cable, and linked to plane by being on the bridge. I'm clutching at straws a little here though.

    Tell him what he's won Johnny


    "First you will take a flight to San Francisco.  There you will be given a guided tour of Alcatraz Island.  Then you will cross the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, where you are sure to find what your looking for.  All this and a chance to play eye spy.  Congratulations!!!!

  13. We all thought, for sure, that Revelations was the end.  That cut scene at the end was pretty damning.  If anything, there are plot holes to be filled.  Like you said, 10 years of story line, and most of it was thrown together with no vision until Blundell and origins came around.  I think, like any good series, they are milking the Primis crew for all that it is worth.  Prequel-esq movie style, there has always been a need for the origin story or prequel in order to bring the whole picture together.  I do think that BLOPS IV is the last of the crew, new and old.  Remember the time frame and the timing of new game modes.  Are you not ready for a new story that has been thought out completely before the begin developing.  Another argument for a stand alone for me.  You have to know, with the community involvement and influence that something like a tear off is in the works.  My thing is, how are they being so quiet about it.  It takes a lot to create a game from the ground up.  Time is definitely a constraint.  Now a game is put out with a longer life-span that does not have to be maintained as much and frees up time for the development of the idea to begin.  The writing is all but on the wall. 

  14. 12 minutes ago, RadZakpak said:

    I'm genuinely hoping there is no deal this year. It honestly benefited no one besides I guess Activision for quick cash. As an Xbox player, getting the DLC late or not will be a decider in how invested I will be this season. It's just not worth the effort getting into the story as much when I'm not even allowed to experience it for the first time through the game itself. My interest dipped quite a bit in Black Ops III because of this, and I didn't play the maps as much when they came out because it felt like there was nothing new to discover.

    That is an excellent point.  I remember that feeling.  I was excited about the PS4 getting exclusive rights but only because I had not had them before.  Game drop and DLC should be on the same day for all platforms.  PC should be the only lag.  PC gamers ruin the EE experience with their ability to look deep into the contents of their applications.  

  15. 53 minutes ago, Wooodd said:

    I haven't ever played MotD as much as I have over the past weekend, roped a friend in to join the hunt too. Its been a blast.


    My next guess is going to be the red hose on the gas tank used to build the plane.

    Wow, you are close.  I'll give you that.  I would concentrate around areas that involve the plane for sure. <sodemoji.1f435></sodemoji.1f435>


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