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Status Updates posted by JJMFP

  1. I am going to be on PS4 playing zombies today around 2 pm EST.  I will have one with me that is a zombie veteran but has not had the chance to play the new hotness.  If anyone wants to join in on the fun, hit me up on psn (JJMFP)!

  2. Looking to do BOTD EE.  Need two.

  3. It looks like the Website is buzzing right now.  I no longer see just two people on at a time.  My prediction has come to fruition.  Its good to be back!

  4. I am not @NaBrZHunter I am @JJMFP:23:

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    2. Boom115


      Damn I'm still just Boom

    3. NaBrZHunter


      No way! The "illustrious and downright handsome Boom" himself???

    4. Boom115


      One in the same

  5. About to rage if I don't see an announcement soon.


  6. I made Zetsubou No Shima my [email protected]#$ last night!!!  Wish you could have seen it.  Round 28/3rhs

  7. Going to attempt a run at the Easter Egg tonight around 9pm Eastern.  Anyone want to give it a go, hit me up.

    1. NaBrZHunter
    2. JJMFP


      Kinda late, but it was Zetsubou No Shima.  Completed on round 28.  First run at the easter egg, I thought it would have been a more complicated battle.

  8. Getting on tonight around 8pm Eastern, PS4, if anyone is interested

  9. 2 more hours and my weekend will commence with a new "Zombies" trailer and new content for "The Division":biggrin:

  10. So bored.....and now have no outlet to pass the time.  :weary:

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