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Posts posted by Hells Warrrior

  1. We'll be putting the server in lockdown in a few hours time, approximately 10pm GMT to start the migration process, it shouldn't take long but we are not wanting to have any data added during the migration process which could ultimately be lost as a result of migrating.

    Expect us to be offline for a minimum of 24hrs - you will be able to access the site but presented with the offline message.

  2. Today we purchased a new package with our current hosting provider and we are moving to a new server that will be running on CentOS7 64 bit operating system. We will be doing some optimising / upgrading software and basically getting things running as best and as fast as we possibly can. Moving to this new setup will bring us better performance and greater scope for optimising.

    Recently we have updated our database to run on MariaDB, we have also moved all the tables for the database to InnoDB, we are also utilising cloudfare for static content.

    What does this mean?

    What it effectively means is we will need to update our nameserver to the new IP address, it means we will experience a little bit of downtime whilst everything is migrated and DNS propagation occurs (usually 24/48hrs) - some won't experience any downtime, others may find access is lost for a period.

    This a necessary step in getting the site performing to the best of it's ability and making things as fast as possible for all our members and staff. I'm sure you'll all survive without access but will enjoy the benefits it brings. When we do migrate we'll take the site offline and once it has migrated it will remain offline for a few hours until we tweak things and get the best response times we can possibly achieve.

    We thank you in advance for the understanding, we'll be looking to start this process tomorrow/Saturday and we'll update you all in due course.

  3. I'm sorry - UoTM hasn't been dealt with before the start of April and I can only apologise, unfortunately we have all missed it and it's pointless running it for this month now. As a result, we will be allowing @anonymous and @shirtlesservice service to continue with this for the next month. This in effect allows the system to award it to both, I;ll simply award it to one of the other for March and April.

    Again, apologies for this - I'll look into this so it doesn't happen again.

  4. On 3/21/2016 at 11:34 PM, RequixEclipse said:

    Requesting medal for Gobbling up 100 Immolation Liquidation Gobble Gums.


    On 3/24/2016 at 7:22 AM, RequixEclipse said:

    Requesting 150 Headshot medal.


    On 3/25/2016 at 4:20 AM, RequixEclipse said:

    Requesting Survivor III Medal for Surviving 2500 rounds

    All supplied, apologies for the delay - you only get 1 for the guardians, if yuou get 20/29 you get one, if you get 30/40 you get another but the other one is removed.

  5. Thanks for the patience today, we have now upgraded the forum software but we have also changed our database system from the "normal" and standard install on most servers from MySQL to MariaDB and we are also in the process of updating the storage engine to InnoDB. 

    This will bring a better performing database with faster queries and reducing things such as table locks which can cause the site to go offline as a result.

    We are also introducing further changes down the line but as it stands we have done a severe amount of optimisation over the last year and more specifically since December and we haven't stopped yet.

    Thanks for the understanding and I hope you all start see improvements, I'll be monitoring things over the coming days.

  6. Today we have implemented a change to who can award medals, two groups who didn't have permissions to do this before can now award medals if they want to and see someone has requested a medal and that it hasn't been actioned yet.

    So the two groups who  can now award medals if they so wish are Hall of Fame and Veterans 

    The members who can now award medals if they wish to are as follows

    @GRILL @MegaAfroMan @way2g00d @BlindBusDrivr @LiamFTWinter @Undead @MrRoflWaffles @thegrix @lissa110 @Niho @Ehjookayted  @MixMasterNut @Matuzz@PINNAZ @Jolteon @Tac @AlphaSnake @Phantom @Telixion @Vosty3 @Ibanez @shri046 

    To those that now have the ability to award medals, simply click on the create menu and then select add medal and then award the medals that have been requested. If you need to check the requirements, then you can do that by going to the CoDz Apps menu and then CoDz Medals.

    Some of the names above some will not regonise, others such as LiamFTwinter and MrRofflWaffles will be more well known, we don't expect any of the mentioned people to ward medals and it is not a requirement but it is a privilege we have released to these groups due to the standing they have within callofdutyzombies.com and a small token of our appreciation.

    The next stage will be the automation of awards, which we are working on and ironing out a few bugs with it before we test it further and implement.

  7. Dashboarding in a public lobby or a ranked game in solo, is tantamount to treason and punishable by death. If you end up in a public lobby and dashboard in our game,1, I'll report you, 2 I'll block you also and this is fedback on your gaming profile - the more bad reviews received the worse your record gets.

  8. No no, it's quicker to keep one zombie alive, enter code, play the game then advance to keepers/2nd wisp once you have completed the games (obviously killing the remaining zombie to advance to the next round). Why? well, you are still on a low round, you are not wasting any zombie kills by going through rounds you don't need to and the keeper is in position ready for the souls, this is what you call a good strategy. 

    Doing it the way you talk of, you have wasted an entire round possibly 2 or 3 rounds just getting to the keepers stage and before filling collecting the souls. Why? I would have been there before you with the way I suggest and quicker.

  9. On 3/24/2016 at 0:17 AM, Nieno69 said:

    To make that clearly again: you can end the round after you teleport from the past!! Kill him or dont harm him and Run like a chicken ;) 

    You can but if you want to start a new round with loads of zombies spawning in and delaying the advancement of the easter egg, then be my guest. The best method is to retain that last zombie, get that code entered, beat the pandzer collect the items from the safe and then do the game at clock tower and fire test site.

    Why advance a round when you don't need too, the logic behind that doesn't make any sense.

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