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  1. Got to be said, I've started playing it recently and enjoying it more than what I thought I would (yes I played the beta) - I have kinda got into the swing of playing if for an hour or so at night and now I'm a Titan level 23.

    £54.99 I paid for the download from live (not realising, or forgetting should I say that I had bought the download for the boy previously) - and then bought the DLC the dark below. £20 are you having a laugh, for what exactly? Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't another developer some years ago get into serious trouble for charging for DLC that was already included within the game?

    I went to download both The Dark Below and The House of Wolves and the downloads were under 10MB for the DLC - so that basically means it's an unlock for content that has already been bought and included with the main game. Not impressed with that tbc and I reckon I'm going to investigate further (just in case I'm wrong).

    Otherwise great game, just overly priced for DLC content, taken things a bit too far.

  2. For some reason I can't edit in any mentions to the op anymore. : (

    So I am going to tag @Hells Warrrior not only because he can most likely fix it or at least tell me why that happened, also because I want to add HW to the list. Apperantly he is too busy with work and playing silly Sci-fi games. :P

    Start posting again after E3, okay? ;) Or maybe a bit later, but don't wait too long.


    The next one I wanted to add is the beautiful woman also known as: @Electric Jesus (s)he hasn't posted anythiing in such a long time and that makes me sad, since you know: He is kind of a big deal.




    Sorry bud, I'm extremely busy at work at the moment and time is just a bit of an issue and I'm playing Destiny in my free time.

    I'll be back soon though, I'm always about just not active.

  3. Yes, these are very intense topics/posts due to the amount of content that is in them. We are aware of this, it is the same issue on the previous version of the forum. It is becoming part of the site and reduced and condensed. It is being worked on but the remaining parts of the sites such as pages, news and so forth will be coming sooN - I just need to iron out a few bugs first that are present at the moment.

  4. Medal request are open again, if you wish to have a medal or you find you do not have a medal after the conversion, please let us know here.


    However, please note that prestige medals have not been awarded at this stage, as we are currently reviewing the prestige medals and these will be awarded in due course. Certain medals are now automatically supplied and do not need to be requested, these are as follows.


    posts1_zpsf908bd46.png-Accumulate a total of 1,000 posts
    posts2_zpscc15c633.png-Accumulate a total of 2,500 posts
    posts3_zpsd4463a89.png-Accumulate a total of 5,000 posts


    As we are now auto awarding medals, the plans is to automate as many of these as possible, and we hope to autoaward as many as them as possible (Game Achievements excluded, proof will still be required).

  5. Medals List
    **In-game medals require photo confirmation**

    Site Achievements

    4playermedal_zpsbfd78420.png-Complete a 4 player Co-op game of Zombies with 3 other CoDz members.
    Y5zeP.png-Be a previous or current winner of the user of the month competition
    pccGF.png-Contributed an idea that was implemented into the site
    medal_zpsd559aa10.png-Earn 10 CoDz medals
    4a32NnC.png-Earn 20 CoDz medals
    zNnjoVH.png-Earn 30 CoDz medals

    mpxeCad.png -Have a topic approved for the Asylum
    Stratigistmedal_zpsa09963bb.png -Awarded to those with outstanding, dedicated strategies (Staff-awarded ONLY)
    Theoristmedal_zps9b493818.png -Awarded to those with oustanding, dedicated theories (Staff-awarded ONLY)

    Game Achievements

    K1gMFkN.png-Reach Round 40 in DOA.
    iYuMO1g.png-Get 150 headshots in a single zombies game
    achievementsmedal_zps58cdff86.png-Earn all achievements/trophies in WAW, BO1, BO2, BO3, or BO4.

    MBYpLz6.png-Complete the side quests in Black Ops II in favour of Maxis. New! (Cannot obtain if you have the "Richtofen's Servant" medal.)

    c7Hj8fS.png-Complete the side quests in Black Ops II in favour of Richtofen. New! (Cannot obtain if you have the "Maxis' Assistant" medal.)

    2cs8emb.jpg - Earn Max Prestige in Zombies.

    2zish07.jpg - Complete the "Nightmares" campaign.

    2r73fac.jpg - Acquire a mass unused total of 115 Liquid Divinium.

    117tzj8.jpg - Survive a total of 500 rounds.

    15s0tmr.jpg - Survive a total of 1,000 rounds.

    smbkoi.jpg - Survive a total of 2,500 rounds.

    2zdqhrl.jpg - Survive a total of 5,000 rounds.

    5plsht.jpg - Survive a total of 10,000 rounds.

    27xl1r8.jpg - Gobble up any Gobblegum 50 times.

    2rrv39i.jpg - Gobble up any Gobblegum 100 times.

    2e0k5fc.jpg - Gobble up any Gobblegum 250 times.

    2i75pq1.jpg - Gobble up any Gobblegum 500 times.

    2vak0zq.jpg - Gobble up any Gobblegum 1,000 times.

    mihyzt.jpg - Play in Zombies for a collected 10 days.

    f4r8eb.jpg - Play in Zombies for a collected 25 days.

    w1v388.jpg - Play in Zombies for a collected 50 days.

    ehzz84.jpg - Play in Zombies for a collected 100 days.

    x4lzz4.jpg - Play in Zombies for a collected 500 days.


    donormedal_zps7fe3bb75.png - Donate to CoDz.

    No Mans Land medals

    HKtW5.pngRank 1 - 100 kills
    SDqKd.pngRank 2 - 200 Kills
    RITH7.pngRank 3 - 250 Kills
    knP8w.pngRank 4 - 300 Kills
    uxFHR.pngRank 5 - 340 Kills









  6. For the young ones, you should have a listen to the following bands, they are simply astounding.




    Tracy Chapman


    Pink Floyd (btw I gaurantee everyone was stoned at that concernt, my brother was)


    Jean Michel Jarre


    Enigma (simply love this band)


    N.W.A (btw the making of NWA the movie is out this August, I can't wait).


    R.E.M (seen them live in 96, murrayfield stadium edinburgh)


    The Cranberries (supported REM at Edinburgh, and by far stole the show, REM were average that night).


    Jimmy Cliff

  7. You know, I've never really ventured in here before. Left you all to play a game but if people are going to start falling out over a game I'll close the topic.


    This is for everyone and not singling anyone out, if you get personal with anyone you will be held to the CoC no if's or buts. Again for everyone, if you feel someone has said something and we have missed it and not taken action or you want us to look at something then do something about it.




    We are only human and we will miss some things. So if you feel someone has been out of line or has not adhered to the CoC then click report and draw our attention to something. It's what it's there for.

  8. My favourite dance band of all time without a shadow of doubt is




    Live in 1993


    Followed by QFX


    Followed by Q-Tex


    And then by Public Domain


    Mallorca Lee was the frontman for both Ultrasonc and Public Domain and is a great guy, I was at pretty much every even throughout the nineties and the naughties.


    I'm a huge fan of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Verve, Coldplay, Kaiser Chiefs, and many many more, but techno music is were my heart is and always will be.

  9. Infest and I out for a night on the town.



    Funny thing is, gigantism is not that uncommon. It's usually associated to a person height/length rather one particular section of the body but evidently the head can be affected all by itself.


    I feel sorry for Brent having to carry that extra weight and to Mrs Boom for having to get the doors widened for when he visits ;):P

  10. I know that, but I am asking why its so interesting all of the sudden and he just posts like a gif instead of a reply.


    It's interesting people as they believe/understand have figured out that the next zombies is arcing from what we know and are revisiting things previously discussed without resolution. Now they are having a fresh look and a fresh thought process is making things a little clearer to understand.


    You don't need to understand, you just need to let people get on with a discussion. They are theorist and they are pretty good at what they do.




    Make a donation of server costs for the year and I'll give you any colour you wish (staff, VIP, Studio colours excluded), this applies to anyone :):animated-zombie::Thumbs:


    So in order for me to finally get the dutch usergroup I have to pay 1079,40 $ ?


    @Slade , @Tasha let us three pay 359,80 $ each and then we can finally have the glorious dutch usergroup.


    #DUG2015 #Tashaisano0bifshedoesn'tpay 





    I think a deal could be reached.


    He is referring to this colour I presume (set for guests and robots) - this colour is set for donors.


    Both these colour options are not available as standard (the donors colour is only available if you make a donation towards server costs).

    Yeah the light blue one for bots!!! If you can do that for me I'll give you the greatest gift of all: my friendship <3



    Make a donation of server costs for the year and I'll give you any colour you wish (staff, VIP, Studio colours excluded), this applies to anyone :):animated-zombie::Thumbs:

  13. Woops, sorry. Didn't think that was considered leaked when the red II wasn't. :unsure:


    But yeah, this is confusing. I hope we recieve more official info soon.







    No worries bud, one of those things but something official will come from Activision, Treyarch or another studio. It may come via a 3rd party but until then they are all pretty much leaks or screwing with you/us.

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