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  1. Yeah I remember the one where you'd like bounce off the elevator shaft before the AN and go down, that was annoying :/ Thanks for the tip, I usually run Buddah room with Sliquifier, Ray gun (Either Mark) and the galil. Will try that next :)
  2. I know right, I was trying to beat my record of 30 rounds too :/
  3. So I was playing Die Rise today, got all set up, 6 perks, pack a punched gun and I just activated the song. I slid down the slope to get to the first box spawn and I just fell off and died. I didn't even spawn back in as a who's who. Video link below, I entitled it "WHY I DON'T PLAY DIE RISE ANYMORE" because it sums up how I felt after it happened :/ http://youtu.be/fEFLGVyqBt8
  4. Mine is red too. Maybe it's dependent on if or what side of the Easter egg you have done? I have done the Maxis side :]
  5. Going to try and answer all you'r question Perks drop after you hear the siren type thing, but apart from that it's random. Knifing or shooting all the heads of the mannequins start a second song. Messages from Richthofen are the same as the ones heard when completing the Easter egg there, as Nuketown happens at the same time. Perks are the same as the ones found in Tranzit (No deadshot, PHD). Haven't heard of your mystery box trick before, will have to try that some time.
  6. The people you can hear talking in the TV at the Farm, yeah?
  7. Nobody knows yet. Most likely theory is they are to be used in future DLC's.
  8. He seems to have told us a lot of false information :/ Horses, Marlton's watch, red toolboxes scattered around the map etc. The electric zombie was the only real thing, but all he said for that was something like "Kinda looks like a zombie doesn't it" when there was a still image of some electricity. Unless we are yet to discover it all... :o
  9. Thank you Didn't realize there was already a post, whoops :S Thanks for replying though, is good experience for me, just starting up and all.
  10. This is my first post, so it won't be perfect. There might be a thread about this already, but couldn't find one. So we are pretty much certain that in future DLC's we will be powering up more towers. We also know Paris is involved somehow. So just putting the two together, you get the most iconic tower of them all... The Eiffel Tower! Might just be me speculating out of nothing, but it does seem to fit. Just putting it out there :)
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