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  1. Well the general consensus seems to be Nuketown Zombies! I'll get on it right away Any suggestions for music?
  2. Haha! I need a Hero split the viewers when it first came out, apparently it wasn't 'Zombie' enough Glad to see somebody enjoyed it, haha :D
  3. A nuketown trailer, that's actually a pretty good idea! I think I'll do that I try to keep the game audio in as much as possible, but if the characters are speaking and it cuts off their line halfway through, then I have to remover it But I'll try and get those weapon sounds in for you! Thanks :)
  4. So I've made a few trailers/montages for zombies maps, and asked for your feedback which I have taken on board. But now I'd like to know, what map should I make a trailer for next? And what music should be in it? Leave your suggestions and I'll try and make them Previous Trailers/Montages (In order, so you can see how I've improved) Die Rise http://youtu.be/UmHkDwoXRjg TranZit http://youtu.be/8TxK2bNHWaM Origins http://youtu.be/wB9typqtXmo
  5. Yeah I remember the one where you'd like bounce off the elevator shaft before the AN and go down, that was annoying :/ Thanks for the tip, I usually run Buddah room with Sliquifier, Ray gun (Either Mark) and the galil. Will try that next :)
  6. I know right, I was trying to beat my record of 30 rounds too :/
  7. So I was playing Die Rise today, got all set up, 6 perks, pack a punched gun and I just activated the song. I slid down the slope to get to the first box spawn and I just fell off and died. I didn't even spawn back in as a who's who. Video link below, I entitled it "WHY I DON'T PLAY DIE RISE ANYMORE" because it sums up how I felt after it happened :/ http://youtu.be/fEFLGVyqBt8
  8. Ah I just saw the comment and replied Thanks, I really appreciate the comments Yeah looking back at it there wasn't much first person, I didn't even realize how little there was :S Next time I'll make sure to add in more first person :)
  9. Thanks for the feedback So make the shots more "Epic" (Only word I can think of to describe it). Will remember that, thanks Thanks So keep the pace fast, don't wait for things to calm before cutting. Will do that next time, thank you :)
  10. Hello fellow CoDz members! I recently made an Origins Cinematic Trailer, and I was wondering if you could spare some time to give me some feedback on it? For example, good points, areas to improve etc. Thank you in advance http://youtu.be/wB9typqtXmo
  11. Mine is red too. Maybe it's dependent on if or what side of the Easter egg you have done? I have done the Maxis side :]
  12. Thanks for replying So, would you have preferred more zombie like music? Maybe one of the Easter egg songs? Next time i do a Die Rise one i will make sure i show more features of the map (Trample steam, Sliquifier and lifts).
  13. Not really sure if i'm meant to post this in here, but i couldn't find any other place for it :S I just started up a youtube channel, and have worked really hard on two videos. Could i get some feedback from you guys please? Just what you liked, how i can make the next one better etc Die Rise Montage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmHkDwoXRjg TranZit - Something to Fight For: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TxK2bNHWaM
  14. Going to try and answer all you'r question Perks drop after you hear the siren type thing, but apart from that it's random. Knifing or shooting all the heads of the mannequins start a second song. Messages from Richthofen are the same as the ones heard when completing the Easter egg there, as Nuketown happens at the same time. Perks are the same as the ones found in Tranzit (No deadshot, PHD). Haven't heard of your mystery box trick before, will have to try that some time.
  15. The people you can hear talking in the TV at the Farm, yeah?
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