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  1. that moment when you realise. the leaks may not of been leaks for bo3 or zombies. big youtubers can post the videos with no repercussions but the smaller youtubers get copyright strikes videos removed by claim of activision. now from what i can tell it seems activision dont mind the publicity or care about the leaks if they did they would copyright every youtuber no matter how big. just shows who is in whos pocket eh kind of thing .... if they valued there product or cared about what they made and didnt want it to get out they would not ALLOW even the bigger youtubers to post it. food for thought there eh lol ....

    1. DaveLo07


      There is no way this is intentional, there is too much information being leaked that will spoil the maps before they're even released. I'm fascinated by the reactions of youtubers. The guys refusing to comment or posting minimal information regarding the leaks are the ones who truly care about this game mode. The guys rubbing their hands with glee and trying to be the first to post leaked information don't care about this mode as much as they claim as they're happy to help fuck up the bo3 zombies experience fort he rest of the community.

    2. dannyfrog2013


      well heres the thing as i said they dont seem to be flagging the bigger youtubers who are involved with activision or treyarch on a regular basis. i just want to play zombies or cant wait till the mode as for leaks eh idk idc. im surprised info did get leaked but then im not a youtuber or interested in fame. but seems if your not connected to atvi or treyarch down your videos go lol. just food for thought

    3. DaveLo07


      In the videos that weren't taken down, did they play the audio files or just talk about the content? I haven't seen anyone post the files on a major channel yet, maybe the smaller channels are posting the actual files, but yes that is strange. TBH, as much as I hate the leaks, it seems treyarch/activision are fighting a losing battle now. 1000's of people have or have seen the files, I think it's too late to stop this info being spread.

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