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  1. as much as i like this idea. i doubt zombies will ever get its own game.. doesnt make alot of sence because COD is #1 a online multiplayer shooter. and i dont think they will move away from what is bringing in the money. i need to look it up again, but i think it was only 14-18 percent of the online communities bought Rezzurection, which if you looking at a zombies only game, would be a massive fail seeing that you are only pulling in a 14-18 percent of your fanbase. and there is the other 82-86 percent of untapped money. thats just how i see this. not trying to shoot you down at all, i r
  2. to any who dont know, i have seen DBZ on the official zombies forums for a long time, the dude knows his weight worth in salt. good player, and good with EE and Theory
  3. nice mockingbird bass, im using a ESP LTD DK-5, lyrics are good man
  4. okay that went way left field, what i ment is DMG+Ammo+ease of use= total yes the uzi has more damage but and with the m1927 haveing 2x the ammo it it would bump it up, i didnt account the gun locations which the uzi would jump the m1927 with 3 locations to 1
  5. Now running through MotD last night (round 31) I found out that the FRST (Pap'd LSAT) didn't really pull its weight as i thought it would, that being said, what are some of your guys top weapons for turning zombies into mush? Hopefully we could make a list of all the weapons in MotD and put them in order by damage. i FIRST have much, but i will start here. Listed by effectiveness M1911 M14 Olympia Five-Seven B23R MP5 Remington 870 MCS Uzi M1927
  6. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/153/seanpick.jpg/ this is my pick as well, and every show i get 1 or 2 people realizing what it is and talking to me about it.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/MonolithThrash that has some of the older recording they did before i joined the band, right now we are mastering our first full length. once that is out i can prolly thow out a song onto the boards.
  8. my name is Sean, and my bands name is Monolith, boards name=Seanolith! Im out in Perris in Riverside county, but we have played OC and SD a few times as well as 1 tour and should be jumping on our second within a months time Facebook.com/Monoliththrash You guys are badass, i subbed to Channel Der Toten as well, and being extremely new to posting unlike you two, hopefully i can get some credibility and build up through the ranks. thanks alot for replying guys, i appreciate it.
  9. hey all, I figured I would post here (being new and all that jazz). ..Um, where to start.... i am currently 19 and i was originally a lurker on the Black ops 2 official zombies forums until maybe a week ago, when i saw a post about a "zombies exclusive podcast" and so i went into that thread and check out the link to the PDT(Which is goddamn amazing if you guys are reading this!) and from there i was convinced to join on these boards and and put in my 2 cents. I am in a heavy metal band out of southern California and before we started writing our own music(around 4 years ago) my guitarist was
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