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  1. You can actually get an upgraded version of the punch melee It's obtained as a drop after a certain amount of kills and can take out multiple zombies in one punch. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcU9pdnVkmw Look at 2:20
  2. I think the Balista is in the picture of Nikolai. The gun's color, shape, and iron sights seem to match the Balista's.
  3. Maybe Richtofen is talking to himself in the letter. He has multiple personalities and often refers to himself as "The Doctor". Perhaps he is his own "oldest friend". It may be far-fetched, but maybe his alternate personality is writing this letter about his dominant personality. On another note(no pun intended), the letter could have been written by Gersch about Yuri... although the timeline is out of place. Also Gersch was unaware of Yuri's 115 experiments. Some of the info in the letter does parallel what happened to Yuri (ex. going mad, experimenting with 115). Not sure what to m
  4. That's quite possible, thanks.
  5. Thanks, it probably is the CDC guy, but who knows.
  6. I was recently analyzing the Nuketown Zombies Loading Screen When I came to a discovery. Look in the left-hand corner under the gum where the "face thing" is.(I hope these images work) If you look closely, you can see what looks to be a person in the afterlife.(I tried enhancing the photo) Hopefully you see what I do. I believe that this looks a lot like the afterlife model.Sorry, but i couldn't get an individual pic.(also in the left-hand corner) I'm not sure what this means, but I thought I'd throw it out there. If you have any thoughts, please share them. Thanks fo
  7. 5.Five- I actually enjoyed this map, but I never got too into it. This is by far my favorite map on this list. 4.Die Rise- Nice idea, but did not live up to the potential it could have had. The easter egg was boring and it wasn't re-playable enough to keep my intrest for more than a week. 3.Call of the Dead- Cool Map in General, but George and the impaired vision due to the weather annoyed me. Vr-11 wasn't great, but I did love the Scavenger. Deadshot was alright, but it wasn't exactly a game changer. 2.Shangri La- I really liked the lighting of this map, but it was just too tight to
  8. Hello Codz, my name is Wally. I would like to introduce myself. I just made this account, but i've been reading these forums for over a year. I really enjoy the forums and would like to contribute to them.
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