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  1. I believe in God. I believe that people have to find God in their personal lives. There is no universal sign. We have to dig a little deeper into our own lives to find our faith. As for the science side of things, I have a hard time believing that our universe (and Earth in particular) ended up so perfect. The fact that human life and all of nature came from a few cells seems far too coincidental to me. Something had to come from nothing, so why can't these things come from God. I love science along with Religion and believe that the two don't oppose each other. Some individuals believe that religion causes wars. Corruption and greed are often roots of war. Throughout history, we the people have used religion as a scapegoat for the wrongs committed by power-hungry individuals. Leaders were simply corrupt and greedy. Religion was a side note of these wars that was simply a calling card to get people of similar beliefs on the same side. The leaders that caused these wars defied and rejected their religious principles in search of power. I will not delve any further into this topic, but I don't believe that religion causes war. Despite all of this, I still respect the beliefs of other people. I am firm in what I believe, so I don't mind if people disagree with me. I'd never tell someone they are wrong about their Religious beliefs. I'll leave you with this quote from Albert Einstein All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. -Albert Einstein

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