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  1. I believe the primary quest will be to escape on the plain, you get some sort of reward but are forced to kill yourself in the electric chair, you are then put into afterlife mode back at Alcatraz, keeping the reward. I believe that there will be a separate hidden easter egg quest .
  2. This is an awesome trailer, really sets the scene for the map! I'm so excited to play as these new characters and hear the banter between them! Thanks for the notification also, producing a video on the topic right now .
  3. nice work, I'll have a go when I get home! .
  4. Hey guys, we're looking at the, at first glance, random lettering and numbers towards the side of this page that is seen in the new 6 minute Mob of the Dead video! After a little researching, I have linked this coding down to a coding system known as the " ADFGX Cipher". These are used to disguise information, which would have been very useful for our new characters when plotting to escape a high security prison! Here is an article explaining cipher lettering: http://science.howstuffworks.com/code-breaker4.htm I haven't really had time to disipher this myself as I am currently busy, just thought I'd get this theory out there. Sorry if there has been a similar thread. If any of you guys encode this and it makes sense, post it below I'd love to know! If not I'll get to work on it myself later on .
  5. I've gone off of the idea of a movie due to the horror theme of the map. Actors=more goofy.
  6. Thank you for the welcomes .
  7. @LSAT The box is non cannon, meaning that it doesn't matter what's in it next to the time period. E.g. Der Riese on Black Ops 1 has the more modern guns in it, and in call of the dead it has outdated guns (For 2010) So it could still be in the 1930s, with cannon guns on the wall.
  8. It does make a lot of sense, how they are all the actors. I hope it's actually in the 1930s/40s though.
  9. I can't believe i've missed this! They are likely to be filming, seeing as they're all actors! If this is set in the time of Die Rise, that means that Maxis (Or someone else) must have taken control of the zombies. I hope it's actually set in the past .
  10. Sell your ps3 and buy an xbox. It's worth it for these maps man.
  11. I would rather be known by this name, hope it isn't a problem. Thanks for the warm welcome .
  12. If the time period is the late 1930s-40s I think that we will be learning more on the American side to the superweapon struggle. Maxis mentions how the Americans are ahead of them (the Nazis) in the Der Riese radio underneath the catwalk (in the tunnel). However I think the zombies will be controlled by the Illuminati/vrill. There is no way that Maxis would be able to be in control, as that requires him to be in the MDT (is that right?), and that was undiscovered until Richtofen found it, and built griffin station. My theory is that the vrill were controlling the zombies, then by accident Samantha took over, and they manipulated Richtofen into doing their bidding ever since to regain the control of the zombies. So yeah, more of the American side for zombies, hanging men=failed test subjects; after all, who cares about high security prisoners? Perfect test subjects for zombies! Sorry if this was really long winded, basically just wrote it as it came into my head! .
  13. Hey, I'm Sage, I have an account on these forums named: Simply Epic. I'm very interested in the zombie storyline, and have a youtube channel, however it got copyright strikes for uploading the uprising trailer, so forums for now .
  14. I just hope he's not another George! :p
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