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  1. dude where have you been this has been out for the longest time hahaha
  2. also if you get a certain amount of kills with the VW a blue outline around the afterlife symbol shows up, I dont think this is a glitch because every game I get into I can react the same thing over and over. Also I think we are missing two other (EE) one because when you pick up the spoon in the cafe, you hear 101A blah blah then when you pick up the free blundergat you hear 872B which is two of the prisoners which shows we may need to do two other things. ALSO found out when using the Hells redeemer and retriever the tomahawk goes threw the ceiling but not the floor ex. one player is on the
  3. yeah 666 does nothing I just found somehow I entered 115 and instead of bortus saying not again! but when I did it this time I got maybe next time is a sly voice almost as a snake voice type was weird
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