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  1. you know that was never out of the question. its either they have to be punched or destroyed within a certain time, i think this because when you shoot or otherwise destroy them they spark for just a bit so wat if it was something like: destroy them all before they stop sparking and then hit the electrical boxes to finish the step...something had me thinking about the beginning description of the map and how time travel was such a big thing for richtofen i dont know how its stayed hidden for this long...im almost uneasy about the whole thing, not doubting just yet. tell you wat else i think is
  2. but....on the other hand on a different note but still related to nuketown, which some people dont believe so but a good point in my opinion i believe that since not only does richtofen now the secret to teleportation but with 115 time travel as well. and at-the beginning of before the loading Screen when youChoose which one You want to play . even quotes "Mass-energy equivalence,secret tests, crash landing perks"(which we know about)yada yada "where the past and the future come together"...now analyze that for a second...okay so just like i said before since in order for you to do the moon EE
  3. ihad moved the bicycle tire(cuz thats all the part of the bike that i have been able to see) over to the bunker door and nudged the bicycle tire into the bunker door and it allowed the bicyle tire to pass through bunker door and i utilized a raygun to move it. because someone on the forums somewhere said there are moveable objects throughout the map...so i tried the most obvious thing on the map to move...the bike tire...i dont know about the rest of the bike yet havent seen the rest of it enough times to try it but maybe someone else can and i can get to it whenever i get a chance to see it..
  4. this is a good question i havent decided yet to which side to choose. my original thought process was to side with maxis again with the lesser of two evils but richtofens side sounds way more fun and that much more complex. so why is it that maxis' side is less complex and why is it that you can only perform the EE once? wat benefits maxis versus richtofens side...so i saw on the forum that murdermachinex and flammenwerfer chose maxis did this benefit nuketown at all same goes for those who chose richtofen?
  5. thats wierd ill contact treyarch about the rest of the bike and or why it appears when it feels like it...when i shot down the bike it goes into wat two pieces? so i found that certan objects can be placed through the bunker door... keeping all considerations open to the mushroom cloud machine if nine perks are available and like mentioned by` Zombie_hawg_420 there are ten sopts to have perks drop from so where are the other five counting the pack a punch spot? has anyone got any other perks than the jugger-nogg, double tapp II, quick revive, speed cola and pack a punch? not to be all opp
  6. im not out to shoot anybodys thoughts to the dirt so to speak im out for the facts and in for the process of utilizing multiple minds to reach one ultimate goal
  7. sorry wat i meant to say is that (I) personally have never been able to pack a punch the raygun any further than the Porters X2 raygun...something happened `randomly in my gameplay i also everygame that i have played on nuketown since i got it i have never seen the full bicycle hanging from the hook (which i saw) but never the full bicycle and im kinda excited so currently re examining EVERYTHING down to the last pixel if i have to but like i said keep on your toes it cant be long now till we are completed
  8. by SuPeRmAn8860 » Sat Feb 02, 2013 9:59 am When you throw a monkey ANYWHERE outside of the map they do this. in regards to the monkey bomb outside the map, the same noise is heard even when you incorrectly throw a gersh device to start the side quest on ascension. i dont think the throwing of monkey bombs outside the map is something to look too far into. i do look forward to seeing the mushroom cloud dissipate and the bunker door open exposing wat mystery the bunker holds by SuPeRmAn8860 » Sat Feb 02, 2013 10:32 am Ok it definitley sounds like Marlton is building somethi
  9. wait your sure the machine needs to be turned off? is that a part of it? but according to the theway the story is laid out nuketown is supposed to happen before tranzit but at the same time as moon..you have a point with the mushroom cloud in the middle may havesomething to hide...but wat we really want to know is wats inside that damn bunker..i was doing some research and the whole story has some kind of credibility...like for example the hellhounds, had a back story but to be honest i didnt really care where they came from just saw it as something to make the game more interesting...okay
  10. good point about the gun titles...maybe a coincidence..but the orange glow is a reflection of the fire on the shed glowing off the rock...look again and youll see, now the signs on the pop counter are relevant somehow, something needs to be done before the clock winds back to its 99-66 state...maybe after richtofen takes control.. but i think it needs to be done before..i had gotten the bike tire in woods' garage through the bunker door...and nothing happened maybe more is needed though the bunker door alsoon the LSAT on the left side of the gun just below iron sights it reads "dies"
  11. okay so i was pondering on the subject of timing and how it is all too important in this map and i was thinking we all know the posession of the zombies goes from samantha rounds 1-24 and belong to richtofen rounds 25+ so i was thinking maybe the pop. counter and the f..ked up clock are irrelevant untill then. maybe the steps (watever they might be) need to be taken after richtofen takes control? or i could be dead wrong and it is the opposite either way its something to go by regarding my last post about the "peacekeeper" smg anybody got anything on that? does it exist? okay so that s
  12. thats a little off topic but speaking about guns wat about the supposed "peacekeeper" smg? is that only for multiplayer?
  13. thanks for the suggestion but alas still just a random floating bike rim and tire...i see the hook it may be hung on but still a random floating bicycle tire..yes even after the nade, the tire cannot be picked up and through extensive fine tooth comb speculative observing.(: cannot seem to find the rest of the bike...the reason i am so focused on the bike multiple sources mentioned the bottom of the pop. counter (which i also have a theory that the pop.counter acting as a wind up power source for the clock) dont you find it funny that the clock makes a dying sound? like "winding" down kinda no
  14. schrodes brings up a good point but in all of my zombie games i cant find the bike only the tire...wheres the rest of it and how where and wat do you do with a floating bike tire? on that note i found on the barren wasteland side of the map..the yellow house..past the fence there are two rocks specifically in particular that have legit shadows underneath them so they are indeed floating...this may jog some ideas around hope it helps also i play solo(dont know how many players required)
  15. I am Most positive that Many discussions on nuketown Pretty much is all about the caster egg and she Mystery behind it all. i have noticed a Couple of things Such as the Mailboxes outside laying on the ground. one Says "Mason" and the other "Woods" any direct Connection? i dunno now we know that Some of the things around the Map ane interactable most have been mentioned but i heard talk about the lightswitches in the houses...if you notice they are not all the same color...some black some white...who has different colored lightswitches in their house...not most of us. in regards to the giant f
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