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  1. Big shout out to the codzers I've been grouping with the last couple months, definitely been on so fun rides! looking forward to ZC!

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    2. Smok3y


      No no, you already played with us on Xbox! We're just waiting for ZC to drop now before we begin pulling our hair out on the old EE's lol :) always welcome to join us again - luckily we don't need to touch cotd again!! ?

    3. Smok3y


      We all have our moments, mine are usually in game lol :)


      we havent played in the last week or so but I think its the calm before the storm as im sure when ZC drops we will be doing the EE's even though we dont need them. Really looking forward to 4 player verrukt, shi no numa and Moon as these are the maps I have played the least of :) 

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