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  1. spacedDMC

    ~The Old-School Gaming Thread~

    Now that I didn't know! That's pretty cool. Cheers
  2. spacedDMC

    ~The Old-School Gaming Thread~

    Kind of related... I hate the Zelda from the TV show. "Excuuuuuuuse me princess" is said like an annoying Justin Bieber protege in every bloomin episode!
  3. spacedDMC

    ~The Old-School Gaming Thread~

    Gotta love classic games! If you are looking at older systems you cant miss, in awful memory order: Zelda, Streets of Rage and SOR II, Street Fighter II, Toe-jam and Earl, Goldeneye, Super Mario, Duck Hunt (I hate that dog), Goldenaxe, Altered Beast, Duke Nukem 3D, Wolfenstein (with Robo-Hitler!!!), Sonic the Hedgehog, Donkey Kong... there are many more I can't think of right now. I have been fairly fortunate with my gaming history, my dad used to like gaming so that's how I got my first system, the Amstrad CPC cassette loader (that's right kids, games used to come on cassette's which you actually needed to lame code before playing the game!). That coupled with living in a place called Heysham which had a death trap seaside theme park called Frontier Land; in this theme park they had 3 arcade machines... Space Invaders (which I had the highscore for at one point), Donkey Kong and Asteroids! My addiction kind of snowballed from there... Finally - seeing as you like gaming stories, did you know PONG wasn't an Atari idea; it was created by a company called Magnavox who sued Atari for copyright infringement claiming Atari stole the idea from them after seeing a demo at an electronics fair in 1972. Atari decided to settle out of court and they also weren't able to copyright their version of the idea which lead to all the rip off versions. Saying that though is like saying Marvel stole the idea of Captain America from Captain Planet (I know Marvel didn't, just hypothetical... In fact I think CP is about 30 years older), but what I'm getting at is there were enough improvements to the original idea that it could be considered a innovative product.

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