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  1. Sounds like you are trying some serious "trial and error," Which I appreciate as I don't have the patience to figure this out But you mentioned above about Shooting power supplies; have you tried Galvaknuckle? They work against Mr Electric Zombie so maybe Electricity vs Electricity...
  2. Its a good short story, happy to read more if you are willing to write more. I would say you need to change the word Synapsis (merging of homologous chromosomes) to the word Synopsis though ;)
  3. WWZ will be great, I'm an optimist But it is only slightly based on the book - they can't capture the whole apocalyptic world Max has gracefully created. If you download the Nerdist podcast from iTunes, there is an awesome episode with Mel Brooks where he talks briefly about his son and WWZ.
  4. Thanks for the welcome! Now don't fret I have many opinions, probably too many but I look forward to responsibly debating and discussing However... I'd hate to disappoint you on the maturity front but for a sense of full disclosure I should warn you I did buy an FX Lightsabre today :lol:
  5. Hi All, I hope you’re well. I’m relatively new to forums and with that in mind I thought I had best follow the code of conduct and introduce myself! I’m 29, fast approaching 30. I have been playing games for as long as I can remember starting with my Amstrad CPC games, Atari, Mega-Drive (BLAST processing! HA), Mega CD, NES, SNES, PC and the common consoles we all know about today. For work I am an Internet Security Consultant, so I try to stop the nasties who attack you. I recently purchased an Xbox; (I joined the Xbox 360 band wagon a few years ago but bailed after I started working for Sony and sold it off), reason was the online capability, community and stability is all la little slack for my liking on Playstation... By the way I wasn’t doing the security for Sony when Playstation got hacked, I was in R&D then... . Had to include that caveat just in case. So.... why am I here!? Well I used to live with a mate and we used to play Zombies on WAW constantly, it was so much fun. When I moved I stopped playing it as the Playstation online was pretty much pointless, no one had a headset; there was no strategy involved, so it was a feat just to get above level 15. I then lost the will to even bother and here I am 4/5 years later wanting to play Zombies; and for me to get the best out of it, I opted for the Xbox 360 and the paid live service. You really do get what you pay for, the servers are stable and I actually get to play strategically. I will be posting in the “Team” section later explaining what I would like to do while I am here, hopefully a few of you may be able to help! I’m always happy to talk about pretty much anything so if you want to know anything then please just ask. Take care all, Dale.
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