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  1. I've agreed with this since the beginning, that the muffled voice in the opening cinematic is Richtofen, but i'm not sure if it's the same voice in game, but i've never really thought about that. Anyway, I was just wondering, if Samuel couldn't understand it when he was muffled coming down the elevator when Richtofen said muffled "Accept your fate, begin anew!" then how could he understand what the muffled voice said at the start? It could be that he didn't really understand what Richtofen was saying, like... "What does beginning anew mean?" Or something like that or it could mean "What did he just say?" I'm not too sure.
  2. Good thread, and I agree it could be from Samuel's perspective, talking to himself and what not. If it is from Samuel's perspective though I can't imagine why it would say Black Man... It would be clearly relating to Richtofen, so i'm sure it does say something else.
  3. I don't mind NGT, they are the best source of Easter egg information after the forums. But this is a little off-topic. Also, I guess this is a re-post -.- I can't use the search function to save my life xD
  4. Ah, my friend said something about NGT's video, but he didn't mention the statues at the start, so i'm not sure if it was included.
  5. Okay, i've already posted once today, but I also felt this was important and I haven't seen another post about this, so here I go. At the spawn there are two statues of the lion things, like on the gold symbols on the floor and the ones in Mirage. Now it's Resting it's hand on something, but there's nothing there... Hmmm... In Mirage, they are resting on the balls, same with the Golden symbols I think. So if we could find out how to get these balls, we could maybe place them at these lion-like statues it will do something... Makes sense, two seemingly missing slots, two balls, huh?
  6. It's quite a good theory about going to each different areas, I would like that, about the second bus route i'm not really sure. But nice theory anyway :)
  7. Okay, so I was thinking, two Navcards, the Navcard doesn't work on the map that you pick it up on, which probably means that they will work on the map after you pick them up, which ost of us theorised. But, what does it do? Nothing happened when I put my Green Run card in, hmmm... I have two theories: 1. This will keep happening up until the final map, the Navcard will allow you to start the easter egg on the side that you choose on Green run, so if I completed Maxis' side on Green Run then when I put the Navcard in on Die Rise and it will allow you to continue Maxis' side. This is the same with Richtofen. 2. Another theory is this will keep happening up until the final map again, and same kind of theory really, but with a small difference. You keep entering the navcard up until the final map. Now remember the Strikeforce missions in the Campaign? When you accomplished or failed one, it changed the end story or whatever. I have a feeling it will kind of be the same, whatever side you choose each map it will record on the Obelisk and effect the final mission. I think the final mission may still end the same for everyone, but have a different story. That's my theory on the Navcard anyway.
  8. But that may be why they put it in, they saw all the hype about "Yay! Flopper must be back!" And thought they had to get in on it and put the skin of the Phd-Flopper machine in just to troll us, wouldn't surprise me if they did that to be honest.
  9. Yeah, it kept happening ever so often with me, and it does only happen with Samuel. It gets annoying and you can't really understand anything, I assume it's Richtofen.
  10. As I have seen someone say, try and get the achievement for all perks and Pack-A-Punch in one game, if you don't get it by getting the normal ones, then you must be able to get Phd-Flopper. If you do get it, then I doubt you can get it and it's just there to make you jealous, i'm sure they picked up on the "Oh my God! Phd must be back!" and maybe put the skin in there just to troll us :P
  11. I can confirm there is something in the dragons mouth, it looks like a weird sphere with a pattern on it, not sure how to get it or what it does. Maybe a later step in the easter egg?
  12. I found the Obelisk table location while I was playing today. On the roof, as you go up to the pylon and the dragon, the ramp that you go up it's underneath, next to the plank spawn location. It's in the corner underneath the ramp. Maybe you will want to experiment with it or something, I don't know. Also, you can't see where to build just like in Green Run. I can't take any pictures as I don't have a phone or anything. And yes, only the Green Run navcard got accepted Not sure about the Die Rise one yet. -Edit: Also, sorry if this is a re-post, but I was just too excited I had to post it, and I don;t think the other post had directions to where to build it.
  13. I think either one of the two (if it is a helicopter): 1. There will be a walkway on the ground that the helicopter does follow, you can walk across this to the next building. 2. The buildings will be crashed together so you can walk between them, the helicopter only taking you a small place forward, but this small place forward is quicker than going down many stairs. That's my opinion if it is a helicopter, but I can't wait and see!
  14. I'm not a scientist or anything but i'm pretty sure that Ununpentium (at least in real life) is a man-made element. I could be completely wrong but that's what I thought. And apparently (so my friend tells me) it reacts and disappears within a second. So in Zombies this may not be the case. But I could be wrong.
  15. This is actually a very good theory (or whatever you call this). I mean, if they did use teleporters there wouldn't be skyscrapers like shown in the preview. So I guess that it means that Green Run is set in modern times... But then... Does that mean we got everything about Moon and Nuketown wrong (time wise)? And Moon is set in Modern times also? I'm confused...
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