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  1. You're wrong dude, even Marlton says : I've the same rule I have on the bus.
  2. VersuZ

    Easter Egg

    Yes, that's true.
  3. That's also true but what i've noticed is that the sounds change depending on what character you are, if you're Samuel for an instant you hear like zombies calling you for flesh or brains or whatever, when I play as the nerd I hear like electronics and pianos in the Buddha room. Quite weird ;)
  4. Hello, I've not completed the easter egg but when I play the game as Misty I hear like voices who are calling me, it's a deep scary voice, you guys have any ideas?
  5. No I don't mind at all! I like to hear opinions, I could be wrong about standing on the circles but I don't seem to get any interaction at all with them, tried shooting on them and nothing worked.
  6. I just think, like in Shangri-La, in a certain step of the easter egg, you should make couples between two symbols with the same meaning, by just standing on it?
  7. Hello, sorry I don't have any pictures, but they aren't really hard to find, I've seen some symbols with some chinese inscriptions in it, they're all shattered around the map, I think there's one in the beginning and there's also one on the top of the Quick-Revive elevator, tell your thoughts!
  8. Yeah, that's what I think, I think that maybe in the couple next DLC's you'll get items you need to use to get further on TranZit and to cover up the story on how these 4 characters got here...
  9. I never heard of that radio at Farm before, care to explain?
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