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    The Missing Steps: What we were missing

    Hahaha. Chasing shadows. Let me know when you have caught up. You were wrong blackfire. Waiting for apology.
  2. JonoBbad

    The Missing Steps: What we were missing

    Blackfire why resort to insults? It is not fact please prove it is. You think Treyarc messed up on their Easter egg and I don't. When the truth comes out I expect an apology. If I'm wrong I'll admit it but posting things as fact and then saying it's 50/50 is contradicting yourself. You did the same with the clock theory. Don't respond unless it's in a constructive manner instead of launching into insults.
  3. JonoBbad

    The Missing Steps: What we were missing

    Sorry I don't buy it. Treyarc love zombies and know we all do. They wouldn't make such a schoolboy error. Also reza elghazi has already said there is more after the achievement. One last thing if it's still only 50/50 why do you post the title as its fact? That's twice you have done that now.

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