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  1. Thats the sound when you turn the power off. Im pretty sure.
  2. So your saying to have: One person under the tower to get the drop One person teleporting to activate the drop One person at the laundrymat door to see if anything happens ???
  3. Dandy, that sounds pretty damn legit. It would make sense because I have only hear of those 2 being lost frequently. I also saw a video where someone was gibbed more than twice before going down(Perma-Jugg).
  4. Welcome to the forums Instant But as you read before the Tower is part of the Easter Egg. If you read around a little you will find LOTS of info on the subject. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me. Unlike some other members, I dont mind if you need some clarifying on this whole Easter Egg thing. Cause WE are actually still trying to figure this thing out.
  5. :shock: Good question. I, for one, have never lost the Purple Quick Revive. I have lost the Headshot and Barrier ones though.
  6. So, I'm sure you all remember that Zombies is on the multiplayer 'engine' in Black Ops 2. They did this for better matchmaking and being able to do Grief or something of the sort. Well, I started thinking about this and the fact that we have the Perma-Perks, or whatever you want to name them. What if there are Zombie challenges like there are Multiplayer challenges. But unlike the multiplayer challenges, you can't go into Barracks and look at them. This would explain that there are certain challenges to complete to get the Green Poofs. Just an idea of mine, and sorry if this has been speculated before. :?
  7. I think this is just a glitch. Because I havent done either side of the easter egg, nor have I even built the table, and my zombies eyes are white sometimes. But I dont know maybe it does have something to do with it.
  8. I understand what your talking about, but a video would be nice. Go into Theater and just look in the sky for the whole match and fast forward 6x. See if the sun moves. Or you can go look at the shadow and see if it moves.
  9. Im pretty sure I remember this same picture. It was supposedly 'leaked' zombie gameplay and now someone is trying to say its part of the EE. Plus, the HUD is wrong.
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