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  1. my i thought i was losing the plot hearing that i havent made my mind up is it a cry or a soft giggle dau.
  2. ok im calling fake. cause suppose to be time traveled back in time but you can see the floor is still messed up and on the left light still hangs from the roof only half up sorry but its photoshop to me.if this is supposed to be before the rocket hit from moon.the bar and grill should be in better condition saying it in the center of a town
  3. its more then likely deadshot Daiquiri get 2 headshot one bullet.not permanent can be lost. i lose it every game i play and keep getting it back quite annoying tbh getting the green puff all the time. you lose it to my understanding by knife 25 zomibies in a row not 100% thats how it is lost so dont take my word for it,
  4. i agree guys been watch alot over the last few days give him the benefit of the doubt any way so what if the guy is trolling. try it his way out and there you go if it dont work wow it 30mins of your life wasted. if it turns out he trolling im happy at end of the day. least i know i have better life then him getting joy out people looking like ejits. i might look like ejit for that space of time i rather that then be a sad excuses of a human-being.
  5. the map your on about i think is Radiation?
  6. Thats it exactly!! i just finished no fog searching and this picture is what is across from the power. It looks like two smelters or something and the pathway to is blocked from trains on every side. But just how it looks i dont think there is anything of significance but some interesting things i noticed was the top hole in the church looks like a poster is up there and some kind of light..... maybe its what no fog does but i really think someone should throw an emp up in the top hole of the church i have try that the other day to EMP where the light is in the tower of the church notting happens that a dead end.
  7. i have try that man so man times jumping up and down like and ejit up at tombstone trying to find and spot i can interact with the pylon no joy :(
  8. no route to this is possible unless we can get the train carts to be moved.both railway track lead to the power station or what ever you want to call it.
  9. thank you for your reply sir.im not say it will not be on both Console just held back a small time scale from the other that all.
  10. My first post here. How are you guys and gals doing. Hoping people could answer this. ok guys im not trying to start a console war here but all the videos. I have seen up on youtube or any where have been on and 360 can any one confirm the laundry mat light do in fact show up on the ps3 not some update the tryarc gave the Xbox which has more stuff enabled on the 360 then the ps3 regarding the EE. it just something i was thinking of cause actvision still have the contract with Microsoft about content ect... Reason i post this is im balls out of ideas here and im just spit balling. i have done both side of the EE with my friends 4 with ricf side and 4 with maxis side done two diffrent accounts.
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