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  1. load of crap if u watch the shots he has before when they r not on fire the same effect from the smoke or the gun. its just amplified when they r on fire
  2. another troll is getting old now. thier are spoiling good community sites asses
  3. seems like he is very high i think no way can u think of all that crap with out being under the influence of drugs or drink or probably in his case both proof would be the best shut the foock up and see in the world but not gonna happen troll away biatch back home
  4. i think thier trolls mate there is uproar over on activision forum at the min about it
  5. ive had a mms scope and tf on the mtar but i defo think sniper but we r gonna need alot of cash to keep papin all weapons to find it. ive paped both sniper but never thought of doing it again but who would its a fricking sniper lol
  6. in my opinion its the only other buildable that can produce power (wind=power) and why spread it all round the map if it was only ment for 1 thing and i also think the next step is character related cos i played as marlton the other day and i allready done ric side of ee and the blue orb on the traffic light showed up also the orb on the box but i couldnt see any of the beams that come from the power towergive me ur thought guys or add me on xbox and maybe we could brainstorm
  7. i have had a few few ppl try exploding things on the clocks and they say it doesnt do anything. did u do any of the easter eggs before u blew shite at the clocks if so it would mean that u have to do summit in the same game that u complete either 1 of the ee. other than that it will be debunked
  8. at the diner yes it goes throught the corner of the shed behind it
  9. i will check it out tonight see what i can come up with
  10. do u have proof of this happening a vid or pic just so other ppl can see maybe give u some feed back on what it might be
  11. when u put a turbine in the depot after the power has bin turned on n off maxis says u have activated the 1st of two suumiit or other. and ppl have disregarded this and just gone straight to the steps in the corn feild all i was saying was mybe leaving thos turbines under the 2 lights might help activate all 4 beams cos on maxis side of ee i have only ever had 2 beams going from street light not 4
  12. just wondering if anyone has tried this before i do. if so pls reply so i dont waste another night chasing my tail
  13. not that i know of mate but the thing with those beams is that only the person scoping up on them can see them so that cant be a glitch cos every1 would be able to see them like every glitch on the game all 4 ppl can do all of the glitches so its defo not a glitch maybe there is sum way of ricochetin them sumhow or even putting a turbine there and trying to give power to the beams or summit. or even all 4 ppl scoping up on the door at the very same time maybe they connect.
  14. ive also seen them. they show up on both sides of the ee maxis red beam, rictofens blue beam i dont think they are a glitch they r to random for it to be a glitch but i do think that they link to the lamposts sumhow only bcos the beams to hit the power pylon in the corn field i think it might be a matter of which lamposts are lit up or possibly even the orbs that apear on the traffic lights after rictofens ee. there is defo sumthing to them it is treyarch we r talking about anything is possible when they are trying to screw with us. u can also getthe beams to apear when u scope up on the door handle.
  15. maybe the beam of light from the bank and laundry matt can be seen from there or goes there ya know might help by standing up there cos it takes away alot of the fog which is kinda strange. there is defo summit about that diner things that dont add up like the music where the hell is the juke box and the clock on the wall stands out well to much for my liking
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