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  1. I use default stick, tactical buttons, 6/7 sensitivity and colourblind assist :)
  2. I think it will either be a separate map with another tower like the one on GreenRun or (no evidence to support this one) I think that the 1st dlc will take us back to the old team and show what happened to them and where they went next and then the 2nd dlc it will go back to the new team and keep switching back and forth every dlc. Throughout them the two teams will meet up somehow (not face to face of course) and will help each other do tasks to stop Richthofen/maxis - similar to call of the dead. But that's just a theory due to the fact that we know nothing about what happened to the old team
  3. Nuketown has relevance to lots of the EE however nothing can be done on the map, why would it? Number 1 it's on survival and not tranzit and number 2 it's an exclusive dlc.
  4. I got glitched under that spot one time and there is nothing under the bus, all that happens is your burned to a crisp! Nice thought though the bus has to have something to do with it all.
  5. Hopefully this is how it works gives a reason to continue playing GreenRun after the dlc comes out :)
  6. Thanks! I didn't mean to steal your idea I didn't even know you had a post :/ But yeah as of now I think that nothing more can be done with GreenRun but...is this the end of GreenRun EE? I think not :)
  7. Ok so this is related to the group 601 theory of waffles so check that out here first: viewtopic.php?f=136&t=25350 Anyway in the group 601 picture there are 2 of these radio tower things and we reckon that the first one was the one in GreenRun which you do the EE under - evidence in waffles vid. Under the tower is a navcard reader but we have the wrong navcard. When the first dlc comes out I think it will be another map with one of these radio towers and we will do the same setup and be able to put our navcard from GreenRun into dlc1 navcard reader (something might happen ) then we might be able to find another navcard on the new map and be able to return to GreenRun and input that which links the two maps together and maybe opens up more steps or affects the EE in dlc2. Keep in mind that this is just a theory and thank you waffles for the post to do with group 601 :)
  8. Yup, I don't understand why trey won't just tell us how it works because if we don't know then its pointless to have really
  9. Wow that sucks maybe someone should try resetting it and doing different things at rank 1 to see what makes them rank up, but I'm not going to do that cause I wanna keep my rank lol :P
  10. Hey I know this has nothing to do with tranzit in particular however I just went on black ops 2 then into the zombies menu and I got this message: "It appears as though the persistent rank data for "USCM HUDS0N" (my gamertag) has been corrupted. Your rank has been restored to the most recently stored backup: Lvl3." Now nothing happened to my rank it stayed the way it was, skull with blue eyes but this has been a rank I have been stuck on for a while even though I get 30+ rounds in lots of matches - maybe due to this corruption? I think if more people get these errors and give their "level" and what their rank actually looks like we can piece together what rank means what.
  11. Thanks for the welcome and tips will use them :)
  12. Hey everyone ItsRaffee here and I have been browsing this forum and couldn't help signing up! I have played zombies since back in WaW and followed the story ever since along with doing all the easter eggs so far (still puzzled at the new one though lol)and am hoping to help and submit my theorys and ideas as well as taking in others I enjoy other games too like Halo but this is a zombies forum so we will leave it at that. I also wanna say thanks for this site its what I have been needing, a place where serious zombies players can help each other out as a community etc and I am glad to have found it.
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