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  1. I got the Skull with Knife after my Tranzit Solo Round 32. Here are my records: Tranzit:32,1,17,17 Average:16,75 Farm:31,6,0,0 Average:9,25 Town:29,0,12,12 Average:13,25 Bus Depot:12,0,0,12 Average:6 Nuketown:22,0,7,14 Average:10,75 Average:11,2 I got all records from Elite but I think there are missing some rounds :/ And I played many rounds on custom games.
  2. Hey, I just added sth(very much). But there is no place for the last 5 box weapons, can you make it. Cause I'm to mad.
  3. Stop at 1:02 and you'll see where I would do it. It's faster and easier in my opinion.
  4. Ok, no problem. When you want to join just send a request, I'll accept it You're german?
  5. Yeah I think we should just wait a few days and hope that it will work. @Lenne do you want to join the clan you're welcome ;)
  6. I don't know why mate, this is very buggy. Also i can't accept your application, strange...
  7. Are you on Xbox? Because this is the Xbox Clan. :D
  8. What about the idea that the last one is Stamin-Up? I think in Black Ops it was orange and here it is orange too :D
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