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  1. I just can't imagine 3arc making Samantha on the basis of a thing noticed by the community... I mean, their meticulous attention to detail, their ridiculously complex storylines, the amazing easter eggs (and emphasis on the smaller ones, they are less noticed but more so amazing than the major ones, if not in a fun sense). They must've planned it.
  2. Hmm..wouldn't 3arc have been developing the Samantha character before SNN and Verruckt were released anyway? Just I can't see them moulding Samantha as a character around what people posted in forums. But yeah, you're right, there's gotta be something there with Stuhlinger and Misty. NGTZombies helps :D
  3. This is my first attempt at a theory...or whatever you wanna call it. But yeah, we all know how the zombies screamed 'Sam!' in BO1? In almost every map? So naturally, every finger pointed to Samantha Maxis, that she was in charge of the zombies, and would you know it, we were right! Now fast forward to BO2. Although I haven't personally heard any zombies say 'Sam!', I've been told that they have. So if any of you guys has heard anything like that or similar, I'd appreciate it if you dropped a comment. Now, here's the thing that gets me - Stuhlinger's full name is: SAMuel J Stuhlinger. I don't know, I don't really have that much more background on the theory, but just the fact that Treyarch decided to name the ONLY guy who can hear Richtofen after the evil, demonic daughter of Richtofen's arch-enemy who just happens to be talking to us in TranZit and Die Rise? Nah. Not a coincidence. ;)
  4. 43. Playing with randoms and two rage quit...didn't save :cry: I find that training in the back gardens of either house is effective, although I prefer the garden behind the house nearest to the Nuketown population counter - more open space. Make sure to buy Galvaknuckles ASAP (you'll need 9000 points) and don't touch a gun until round 14.
  5. I agree with Lithium's answer. But how would Dr. Maxis be able to communicate with the rest of the Green Run group? We know that any of Misty, Russman, Marlton and even Samuel (once Richtofen finishes speaking) can hear Maxis... so where is he?! :D
  6. MP5/MP115 Kollider (I normally pack a punch at round 15/16) Keep your M1911 and pack-a-punch for Mustang & Sally, put these in the fridge immediately. Rape the box for an LMG, HAMR is my preferred, pack a punch that at round 25+ Semtex Monkey Bombs (EMPs if on multiplayer and someone else has Monkeys) In this order: Jug Speed Cola Stamin-Up Quick Revive on solo, Double Tap on multiplayer, makes killing zombies so much faster, trust me. And you just rape train at the Diner, buying MP5 pack a punch ammo whenever you need it. :D
  7. Guys...how do you put a signature on? Sorta confused. :P
  8. Shows what you can find out by paying attention Super, does it matter if you take the group of zombies across the stairs to kill them in the auto-train method? Or can you just grill 'em wherever?
  9. Well that's gonna help me now, haha. You play on Xbox or PS3?
  10. Hey guys, Tank Dempsey here! I kid you, heh heh. But seriously, hi, I'm a casual gamer who is hooked on zombies I'm not a leech, I'll read your posts AND contribute. I'm also pretty good with computers/consoles/techy stuff, just putting it out there. Happy slaying 8-)
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