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  1. James C. Burns, said he would subscribe to you if you had correct intel. He subscribed to NUMEROUS people, with that topic in hand, may i note u it shows what video they subscribed to. And another thing is treyarch's tweet about zombies info coming soon. It kind of adds up sir. Plus even if they weren't intending on orignially doing something today, i have a hunch they might...its not confirmed, but it sure is highly plausible.
  2. Plus it wasn't just one guy, or one video....it was like 3 lol
  3. I heard a bunch of people saying that they heard that they were going to showcase it then, and it does seem probable...any thoughts?
  4. Lol, if it is real, i dont think it is coming out in the morning. People are going berserk about how THEY CANT FIND IT ON YOUTUBE!! lol. I told them that usually everything comes out around 4 or 8....what makes u think it will be something different this time?
  5. Lol, how but we not get our hopes TOOO high, what if they came out with it on june 22 at 12AM lmbo....jk but nah we should just wait...
  6. its unofficially confirmed. BUT, we think its real because James C. Burns (sgtfrankwoods) said he would subscribe to any intel that was correct. And recently, he subscribed to numerous videos about the leaked audio and speculation about June 21st. Another thing is how June 21st is a summer solicte...links to eclipse...eclipse is a codename for bo2. And lastly, Treyarch's tweet "For people wondering about Zombies, stay tuned..." a couple days ago. Pretty much points towards today now.
  7. Lol, oops...I just think it will, even if they didn't originally plan to ... all this hype is building up im sure treyarch heard of it, maybe they will. Especially because Treyarch tweeted stay tuned for zombies information...
  8. I know it was brought up before, I also think it is a hint towards another zombies map.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLi5opPb ... re=g-all-u Brought to you by DigitalBounceHD Notice: If you look on Intersection it also says Porter's X2 on the movie screenlisting
  10. That is what I was saying if the Diner picture and "The Map" are completely separate, then I'm pretty sure its Cuba. But if their the same place, then I don't think that works.
  11. Lol, I've been doing research. I've been looking up good diners in cuba, no results just cuban diners in america. I used google maps, I asked SIRI (LOLLL), I even asked my History and Geographic Teacher if she knew...and she said from what I know, there are no diners. And 'The Map' doesn't even resemble Havanna. And I'm pretty sure that cuba is a spanish or portugese speaking country (may be wrong)...so why would BANK be in english?
  12. yTf3RhzHnXw He provides some evidence of why Vortuka and Cuba might be the next map...some pretty solid evidence. But does Cuba OR Vortuka have diners? I never been there lol
  13. We might be getting zombies info sooner than we think. On CharlieIntel it was revealed that we would be getting black ops 2 footage on the Jimmy Fallon show on Monday. Last year they revealed Spec Ops, its possible we might be seeing zombies
  14. I think that one of the classifieds will actually be for multiplayer, and then one for zombies...probably trailers for both. And yes it seems way more plausible because they have been fairly open about it and for the fact that they already showed some zombies footage, and a new zombie outro. So it seems likely.
  15. Question...are their Diners in cuba?
  16. It;s been photoshopped, idk how to post pictures but ill post the link...its sam b from dead island
  17. hmm, it could be the room with Juggernaught in it, but im not sure. I never seen this
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