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  1. There could be more to it but maybe its not as complex as its causing people to think of it as.. But could it be possible the reason for the rocks being blue is because Richthofen is in control? Think about it from the beginning of zombies until the end of BO all 115 rocks are a reddish orange color.. Just like the color of the zombies eyes when Sam is in control. So in BO2 Richthofen is in control of the zombies and the color of their eyes are blue as well as 115 rocks are now coincidentally blue as well.. I'm not a regular poster on here so if its been discussed or dissected already, I apologize for being late to the party.
  2. I wouldnt mind them reintroducing drivable vehicles in multiplayer and having huge maps again with a bunch of houses you can go in like on Outskirts in WaW
  3. Either would be fine. Preferably a menu selection for each.. Classic -All the Maps Redefined -All the Maps They would also describe what they are like they describe the levels now before you select them to play
  4. Well the Classic BO maps wouldn't make THAT much of a difference would they>? The Classic Black Ops Maps would be how they were originally released no mule kick.. The Redefined Edition would be All Perks and maybe both WaW and BO weapons
  5. I feel like this post turned into a physiatrist appointment with a broken family lol jp I understand everyones point of views.. and wouldnt mind if treyarch put every map in categories such as.. -Classic Edition (The way WaW and BO maps ORIGINALLY WERE WHEN RELEASED) -Redefined Edition (ALL PERKS and PaP added on WaW and BO maps then intergrade the BO weapons or WaW and BO era of weapons)
  6. So.. would you want them to put every perk on every level(BO&WaW levels) and pack a punch on the waw levels that dont have it
  7. I dont care if they change it back to its original world at war state or throw all the new stuff in perks, pack a punch i wouldnt mind either and i wouldnt mind if they added all the perks on all the black ops levels either
  8. I think they should have kept all classic maps how they originally were, they took away waw guns and added mule kick they should either fix it and added the original waw content or add all the other new shit. Dont half ass it, its either you do it one way or another, preferably i liked them to make it how they were designed to be for waw, but since there adding new shit like mule kick they might as well add the necessities too ph,pack a punch.
  9. I AGREE, ph flopper is a necessity for the ray gun and whatever other guns that hurt you if shot close
  10. Since they added MULE KICK PERK to all of the levels, What would you think if they added all of the perks to every level? (WaW & BO LEVELS).. And that includes adding PACK A PUNCH to levels without PACK A PUNCH (NACHT,VERUKT,SHIN NO NUMA)... i would like if treyarch put every map in categories such as.. -Classic Edition (The way WaW and BO maps ORIGINALLY WERE WHEN RELEASED) -Redefined Edition (ALL PERKS and PaP added on WaW and BO maps then intergrade the BO weapons or WaW and BO era of weapons)
  11. http://nazizombies.wikia.com/wiki/Amm-O-Matic Who Knew?
  12. Good rep for Good ideas. btw bearz im liking what your saying
  13. You buy the perk maybe named "Last Long" - (also a penis reference joke) or "Last Long Stance" and if your playing with other people and you go down with this perk you'll last the whole round without dying out like you normally would and once your teammate can revive you he wont have to be pressured by time or zombies now and if he starts a new round without reviving you maybe accidentally getting a ka boom, youll get up on your own once that round starts. so basically if you buy this perk on multiplayer youll be ensuring your weapons that you worked on getting out the box the whole game will be with you still because you didn't die out. So if you buy "last long" on solo even though its really designed for multiplayer the effects of you going down with "Last Long" are whatever perk you bought first will be saved if you get up if you have quick revive. So if you go down on solo and have Last Long, the first perk you purchased will be saved when you get up. and thats it let me know what you think.

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