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  1. And the time frame is right for the modern recorders. On a side note, isn't there a mission in the World at War campaign where you attack a japenese testing base, and it goes nuclear at the end? Couldn't that be the location and time frame for SNN? I could be wrong about the mission, I haven't played WaW in years, but does it ring any bells?
  2. I think the crew arrives in SL after CotD, but when you do the easter egg, you travel back to 22 jul 09, when then Brock expedition gets trapped. That was the last total eclipse in North India, Tibet and SE Asia.
  3. Zombieofthedead, I'll tell you why I want a campaign. And don't try to tell me not to say story progression. What do you think a campaign is for? It's to tell a story. Maybe your not a story guy. Maybe you read a book, put it down, and forget about. Maybe you only watch movies once, I don't know. But I like stories. I reread books and rewatch movies, and even replay single-player campaigns. I love the Black Ops campaign. Modern Warfare, not so much. Black Ops campaign, however, was great. Not flawless, but very good. And Zombies has a great story. 3arch could continue with the wave survival based game, but that really limits the ability to convey the story clearly and coherently to the intended audience. People like me are craving a traditional presentation of that story. Give me act one, and I'll buy DLC for Acts 2 and 3. Give me something to confirm what I always thought might have happened, or what really happened was beyond my imagining. Or give me a new story. But 3arch has shown it can deliver an outstanding product and I expect that whatever Black Ops Two does with zombies, I'll will be very happy, but demanding more.
  4. I think the limericks are some sort of coded message. If you take the first letter each line and decode it you get a letter. Well you do for at least two of the limericks, I'm not smart enough to figure out the others. IHTIY = E and DKMFK = B.
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