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  1. I have sent an e-mail to 'Vilkas' and am awaiting a reply. One which I do not believe will ever come. Here are it's contents (Please note that it is not my most profound work):
  2. You are right Zaptn.. Although I do fear this is another GKNova2...
  3. It seems that the threads have been merged. I shall retract my earlier post.
  4. Yes but we don't want another: "I don't want to be Rochelle" happening.
  5. Sorry for the inconvenience of bumping, but I believe this topic to be of some importance to the protection of members personal details.
  6. I have had my web developing friend look into this matter, and he has verified my thoughts. There is still a small amount of doubt though about this site being genuine. I advise that we keep an eye on it, and I STRONGLY recommend that no-one enters their e-mail until we are 100% sure of this sites authenticity.
  7. In the time I have been away from these kinds of things, I have lost my spark. From the looks of its cover, it seems legitimate of source. But we all now that nothing should be judged by the cover. The use of the Matrix quote throws me off a bit, as I do not believe a real Treyarch/Activision associate would use a line from a Sci-Fi film. Also, this is Activisions usual style of copyright: Although of this new site, a more generic style is chosen: On a final note. Whoever does own this site has a fair amount of money, as they have paid for the Whois Gau
  8. Agreed. This will now be a main point in the OP. Good job my friend.
  9. I understand the dislike for the system I had set up, but as I have said. I am not the best at this kind of thing. Although, I feel that the rank names and prestiege names should relate more to the zombie backstory. For Example, level 50 - Tunguska Specialist.
  10. I suppose you could have the basic level, an optional add on name depending on if you've done anything special like get to round 30. Titles and Emblems?
  11. I think that by now it is a fact that the majority of this community would like a ranking system in the next instalment of Zombies. Now, going by how Treyarch have handled their ranking systems in the past, I feel that it is safe to assume that the next Call of Duty will have 75 Ranks for us to play with. Using these 75 ranks as a estimate, I would like to know your ideas for the name of these ranks. For Example: 1 = Civvy 2 - 5 = Soldier 6 - 10 = Gun nut 11 - 15 = Turning 16 - 20 = Flesh Sack etc... As you can tell, I am not the most gifted
  12. I would like a cut scene with the original 4 in it for once. They've shown what they can do with COTD but still.
  13. I too believe that Zombies should have it's own challenges and ranking system. However I do NOT think that these ranks should provide any advantages over others other than experience.
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