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  1. I got to rd 66 coop , and gave up at rd 60 on solo . I really think 3arch needs to make these games harder and shorter or rewarded you with like 5 minutes of game pause every round cause I could easily make to rd 99 on this map but the only think that holds me back is the time . Rd 66 took me 18 hr s , longest game I ever played.Oh yeah my friend had 8000 kills and I had 11000. I there was about 700 zombies in rd 66. Werdan1982 psn
  2. Theres one more thing the hacker does that no one mentioned , it give you bonus points . The longer you hold it the more points u get at the end of every rd starting at 500pts and maxing at 2500. U also can double these points if u go to earth every round aswell . Just played a solo game and picked up the hacker in rd 1 and by rd 10 I got 30000 bonus by picking up the hacking and never dropping it but as soon as u drop it , u start back up again. Moon 53 No mans land 149 kills Werdan1982 psn
  3. The best to kill him is QEDs , your looking for the same explosion that happens when you kill him, but when u throw it warn everyone who's playing because they can affect everyone's game play in some cases. Moon - 53 , high score 1.21 million
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