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  1. I don't care about BO2 at all to be honest. If there is a full length zombies game I'll buy that.
  2. So I'm not sure if I am ever going to play moon again after what happened tonight. I finally sat down and told myself I was going to do the easter egg part to get the death machines and see how far I could get. So I spend forever doing all of the steps, finally get enough points to get all of the weapons and unlock all of the necessary doors, wait for the excavator to destroy tunnel 6, EVERYTHING!! The egg is in the pyramid and the vial popped up. I have jug, mule, speed cola, and quick revive, an empty galil, full ray gun, and decently full zap gun. I figure I'm good to go. I slash my fi
  3. you never ran out of ammo. on the screen you could see that you weren't using any ammo when firing.
  4. so basically I joined this site because zombies has been my primary game ever since i first bought black ops and played kino and five. only recently (rezurrection) was i able to play the waw maps and i must say, these maps are so much better, especially verruckt and der reise. anyway, I really hope Treyarch (or anyone, within reason) decides to continue the zombies franchise. with each new map, i feel like they take some ideas in the right direction, but fall flat with others. i've been lurking this site for a bit and some of the map ideas proposed sound pretty interesting. it's a sh
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