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  1. Oh sorry i thought you were referring to solo mode, anyway if people won't play with you because of a low round try doing a private match with your friends i only do private matches an mine gets updated fine.
  2. Xbox leaderboards don't give solo records sadly.
  3. Its a Easter egg Treyarch loves to throw Easter eggs around
  4. Call of duty Wiki "Richtofen then took his super-soldiers to Shi No Numa. After this was done, the group went to Der Riese, which had been abandoned since the zombie takeover. The group used the Wunderwaffe DG-2's 115 to overcharge the Teleporter, making it capable of time travel. Richtofen was apparently unaware of this possibility until he tried it. He seems unconcerned that he and his partners have been teleported to an abandoned theater in Germany in an unknown year. Although he didn't know what year it was, Richtofen knew about the theater as it was the place Maxis would unveil the Teleporter to the German high command. Since Maxis was killed, the theater was abandoned." They went there for the Wunderwaffle
  5. Maybe the new perk lets you dual wield any weapon? (don't target me as copying some one didn't read all the post )
  6. I just saw this on my hard drive as well( a bit late posting lol)
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