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  1. Everyone should watch this one. It has way more stuff then the one I posted. -new perk is Mule Kick -gas zombies teleport short distances -spas-12 pick-up gives you the spas-12 (useless much......) -there's something about players getting infected and they attack you -wave gun get's split into two -Area 51 is a holding area (as stating in the achievements) and my guess is you face endless waves of zombies, without rounds, until you can get back to the moon via the teleporter -some sort of pyramid structure is shown, seems alien!!!! i believe wen u buy the mule kick perk, a random weapon powerup appears. i mean it makes perfect sense
  2. off topic but i jus rlly like ur avatar lol u shouldnt n hard 2 realize y
  3. i dnt see y any1 thinks its area51, nuttin ive seen givs me the incentive 2 assume such a thing. plus, where would area 51 fit in this storyline? makes no sense. thats how i feel about it anyway
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