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  1. I agree with pretty much what Tom said. There has got to be a formula like OP posted. I am sure it involves all the stats shown on the leader board including High rounds. It is confusing at the moment because people with better stats are still stuck at lower ranks.. like Tom and myself. Unless Tom ranked up recently. I think the downs/deaths leaderboards are really heavily weighted. The good players play more, hence go down more, hence are stuck at the bottom of those two inverse leaderboards.
  2. Interesting. So Jimmy Z says it's based on skill, and we have Rez saying that by design you will lose rank if you don't play often enough. So the conclusion we can come to here is that Treyarch assesses skill based on having no life and constantly playing Zombies? What a horribly stupid system. I see this so much with the Zombies team... brilliant ideas with horrible execution. I mean... a Zombies ranking system!! Awesome!! There are so many ways you could properly do that and make it a fun way to compete with your friends! Oh, but no... it's just "Play constantly or be punished." SMH
  3. I feel bad that you put so much time into misreading my sentence XD I said that's the formula I would suggest that it use, not what it actually is, since it doesn't use that system.
  4. "No, instead, I blame Activision. I think they rushed this game. I think Treyarch tried to overachieve with Black Ops 2, and Zombies in particular, but they just didn't quite live up to the potential." Amen, man. All these people hating on Treyarch don't realize that it's the money-hungry pigs at ATVI forcing them to shit out gold every two years. Do you know how hard it is to make an entire AAA title in two years? Some of the Halos have been in development for twice that long. Unfortunately, Activision has a track record of running fantastic game franchises into the ground to make a quic
  5. That's what the turbine does. It doesn't just instantly stop working (usually), it starts flipping on>off>on until it breaks.
  6. Okay, I'm just going to kill this thread now. What you guys are seeing is a light node. It's a little orb developers place when building a map to signify a light source, in this case, it's for the fire. Normally they become invisible when the map is compiled, but apparently there is a graphics glitch that allows one to see them via window reflections. That is all. I am 99.99999% sure that the easter egg is done for now, until DLC time. Feel free to keep looking, but I highly doubt anyone will find anything.
  7. I know that feel bro, the rank system as-is is completely useless. It is the farthest thing from a skill assessment. Every lobby I join is a bunch of people with glowing skulls. After starting the game, I find out that they have no idea what they are doing; usually ending up with someone turning off the power in the middle of the game and getting everyone killed... :x Also, /)
  8. Really? Because I've tested it with about half a dozen of my friends and every day that they don't play, they lose one mark and after their first game of the day, they gain one. Not sure what's up with your friend
  9. The Zombies Ranking System -- Explanation and Review The Intro: Okay, so I'm firstly going to explain how I believe the ranking system works and secondly going to state my opinions on it. Now, without further ado, let's begin. The Rank: Your zombies rank seems to be comprised of two sections: The picture itself which represents your "skill", and the hash marks which represent your play frequency. Let's go down another level: The Emblem: The emblem it self appears to be a visual representation of your average global leaderboard standings and goes up and
  10. Here is another one of my long-ish write ups. I combined all the different note-worthy things I have found around Shangri-La. Hopefully I can help connect the dots explaining the mountain range easter egg. Enjoy! Loading Screen/Mountain relation. My theory is that everyone is looking at it backwards. Everyone is saying “Hey, look at that mountain, it’s out of place!”, and automatically making the assumption that since the hill is out of place, the entirety Shangri-La shouldn’t be there. Let us take a step back; Think for a sec. We have two things that don’t mix. Why are we assumi
  11. My Various Suggestions And Feedback In-Regards To Zombies Warning: It's Very Long! 1. Treat zombies as a separate game included within Call of Duty, not a “minigame”. Examples: [*:ly4jpe1z]Introduce a leveling system similar to that of multiplayer. Ideally with multiple prestiges. [*:ly4jpe1z]Unlockables that carry over to regular multiplayer mode. [*:ly4jpe1z]Pack-A-Punch gun skin in multiplayer for X zombie kills with that gun. [*:ly4jpe1z]Zombies backgrounds/emblems. [*:ly4jpe1z]Other Zombies-related unlocks. 2. Support extremely high rounds (50+). Ex
  12. I think what you guys are talking about is the MTD.. Not the MPD. The MTD stands for Matter Transference Device and is the technical name for what we know as the teleporters. The MDT is NOT the pyramid. That is all.
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