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  1. Excellent story! I loved it. [brains] for you dude. You totally deserved it ;)
  2. I'm sure you do, dude. Say, I wonder if there even checking there group requests at all... :shock:
  3. I 'm a member of the Takeo group as I achieved round 21 on Ascension with 4 players. :D
  4. I am just wondering that someone might easily cheat there way into a good group. I mean, if they took a picture of someone else's score and round level on zombies and pretended it was their own or does their username HAVE to match their gamertag on the current console they are using. Just a warning. :|
  5. Aw well, that sucks for me. I guess i'll just have to keep shooting for Takeo or higher. Thanks for answering back :D
  6. What if we haven't even made it to round 20 in any map. I'm kind of new to zombies :cry:
  7. I really wanted to see the original maps in Black Ops. But I never expected them to only be available in Hardened or Prestige edition :cry: I really would like them to release the originals in a Map-Pack, as it's a great idea. They could call it Call of Duty: Black Ops Classic. Well, lets hope ;)
  8. The map is named five because its the pentagon :lol:

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