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  1. Well, this is actually really simple. If you weren't lazy and actually looked at the official Call of Duty website for yourself, you'd find out it says: Sorry. Didn't check out the facts properly. But I have heard it, that it's coming out at the same time. But by soon do they mean a month or a day? It's the final map pack for Black Ops, they should be fair. NOT STARTING A CONSOLE WAR. :roll:
  2. Guys, listen. I have heard numerous times that the new map Rezurrection that is coming out on August 23rd is out for ALL consoles at the same time. Is this just a rumor or is it true? I have a PS3 and would be really happy if it came out for all the consoles at the same time. No exclusive dates for different consoles, the map pack comes out for every console at the same time. Sound.
  3. Dude, just edit your old pole. You don't need to create a new one. :? Anyway, there is already SO many polls on this topic...
  4. Rezurrection is here! And not only the new EPIC map moon, but also Nacht Der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa and Der Riese. They finally put all the classic maps in a new map pack in additional Moon!!! Best Map Pack Ever! :D
  5. Hey guys, guess what I discovered today? Yeah, the title says it all. Woods is ALIVE. I did not make these findings myself and I do not claim ownership of these findings but I found this video on YouTube that says it all. Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBV4txGu ... re=related Please tell me what you think of this after you have watched it :)
  6. Cheers, mate! I'll add you on PSN as soon as I get the chance to and.. thanks for welcoming me to the site! :D
  7. This is EXACTLY what happened in Modern Warfare 2. We played it for a while and really loved it, but when Treyarch released Black Ops it became hacking central. You couldn't find a game that wasn't a challenge lobby and everybody was using stupid hacks like AimBot and God Mode which sucked because that meant we couldn't enjoy any games. But even I'm surprised to see a challenge lobby in the classic maps in World at War. It looks pretty weird but pretty cool aswell :)
  8. Hey guys! My name is The-Legend-Of-C. I basically love to play zombies, as is everyone on this website of course. My favorite zombie maps would be Shangri-La, Der Riese, Nacht Der Untoten and Kino Der Toten. I don't hate any maps! I am kind of a newbie to zombies but I am still pretty good. If you want to play with me join my PS3 Zombie Clan or organize a game with me! Peace Out, The-Legend-Of-C
  9. I can't stop laughing. That also scared the crap out of me :lol:
  10. Hi everyone. I'm kind of new to this website so please don't blame me for posting something stupid but I found on a website called VideoGamesBlogger that there is information hinting at Black Ops II. -So. If you find all the intel in the last mission, Redemption, you'll hear the CIA discussing how Jason Hudson, Alex Mason and Grigori Weaver are national security threats and the SAS is sending a special agent called Jonathan to eliminate them. The memo is dated October 1978 which is 10 years after Black Ops ends. -You'll also find an email on Masons computer. The memo is date 1978 and is warning Mason to stay out of South Africa because the CIA is planning on him to slip up and stage an accident so they can get rid of him for good. I did not make these discoveries myself. Here is the link of the website: http://www.videogamesblogger.com/2010/1 ... ck-ops.htm
  11. The only people who say Five sucks, sucks at Five....Five sucks.
  12. I like the Nova 6 possibility. It also makes sense because it is the first map with Nova 6 crawlers. Nice one .
  13. Excellent story! I loved it. [brains] for you dude. You totally deserved it ;)
  14. Does everyone hate Infinity Ward? What?! How could ANYONE hate Infinity Ward. I agree with everything you say. The Modern Warfare trilogy was one of the first games Iv'e played and it is.. EPIC. Sorry to completely go off topic here but my first game I ever played on PS3 and online was Call of Duty: World at War. But still I'll give you a [brains] for this post because I love Modern Warfare and Infinity Ward.

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