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  1. I've seen some Simbols that I believe come from the Illuminati which I think Maxis or Richtofen where part of. I've also seen Richtofen's face and what I think is samantha's dead body as it looked like a Nova Zombie but it had black hair.
  2. Ah! I thought Kino was destroyed because zombies came here. As the teleporter is working and there is a projector room and the places where people should normally sit ,watching the movie, are completly destroyed and zombies crowl out of them which leads me to thinking that you're right in one way. But here is what i definitly think: Kino was completed in 1950's....Zombies came and destroyed it and THEN the 4 chars came to "play" nazi zombies in the 1960's.
  3. I think that there could be a connection however kino is set in 1950's as seen here while George is from the 1940's this means that when they when't to Kino he was 10 years old (Which leaves the only possibility to him being teleported back in time from call of the dead)
  4. Very Helpful so guess what? I'll give you a Brain XD
  5. Wish we had emblems on Wii :(
  6. .........Really, that's a nice idea...But i think it's easy to understand why there aren't zombies on nuketown and other maps....It would be way to easy! [brains]
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