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  1. Double.. something Cost: 10000 For a round creates a clone of yourself that appears as an after image, repeating your every move with less than 0.5 seconds delay. At round 25+ you always have points you have nothing to do with, this would be wise for the higher rounds and would be the best perk for noobs at round 9.
  2. Can't think of one.. yet Cost: Total of the cost of what perks you have, can't buy a perk after buying this When downed and then revived, you will keep your perks so you don't have the hassle of getting them again. When you die you're fucked. Another one Cost: 3000 When downed emit a nuke-like explosion killing all zombies around you giving you a divine opportunity to be revived easier, increased downed time by 50%, insta-kill when downed.
  3. The DG-2, it's my favourite room clearing weapon, as well as the best weapon to have in your hand while reviving someone. Unlike the Thundergun which goes in a straight line and doesn't always instantly kill them, the DG-2 will always instantly kill them and it can cut corners. It's just the best. I wish it was upgradeable at least in Call of the Dead, I'd be superman with that there.
  4. 35 with 3 people, good times. Nowadays I'd just play with randoms and do them the favour of getting them the Pentagon Thief Achievement and giving them a free round 25+ record.
  5. Cobra + Sickle = godly points, I've done it till round 23 online, where someone died and over 15 zombies rushed in through a single door and obviously I couldn't defend myself with a damn Cobra. But for every mistake, I always learn something new.
  6. Solo, 43. Online, 28, with 2 guys at the end. I have a few things to say about this. It was originally 4 people, however 2 of them left due to them dying multiple times every round, and the guy I was stuck with wasn't even English, and he was a VERY bad team mate, one of the worst you could have. He would always kill every last zombie and crawler, never letting me go to the mystery box safely and I had to spend a whole round doing nothing but waiting for the PaP to appear and then run to it and PaP my Ray Gun (I prefer a gun for headshots), only for him to take all my zombies, worst match ever and I want to forget that by excelling my record. I found one decent guy, but he left as soon as he died, with 50k+ points, at round 23. I've lost hope with randoms, so I'm just stuck with round 28 for now until I can find someone decent to play with.
  7. I like George, he's funny. Anyway, I like the idea of killing him and getting 7 perks, and working hard not losing those 7 perks. It's not that hard to kill him in solo anyway. Pap Ballistic Knife + Sickle = 160 stabs to kill George. This is only if his health is static for the whole game, if his health goes up every round like the zombies then yeah I guess it'll be a bit more but still I find that the easiest way to kill him in solo or split-screen.
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