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  1. I had this discussion with my friend, since having more than 1 wunderweapon is seriously needed, especially for the season finale. I noticed the different colors too and that the gameplay which shows him first person holding the "zap gun", it looks much different than it seems like it should from how we see it as the red and blue wave gun. I suggested to my buddy an idea I liked, one wave/zap would stay in the box and someone would get it, it could be duel wielded and did a mix of microwaving, electrocuting, and ray gunning. After the weapon is removed, a different colored wave/zap gun would come out of the box and be slightly different, be it ammo, speed, and how many zombies get electrocuted or microwaved. Regardless though, I will always get the Mustang and Sally, I just wouldn't mind a wave gun as my 3rd weapon occasionally, and everyone should be able to have a wonderweapon style secondary.
  2. In my Zombie Manifesto I suggest how to get 3 weapons, I call it the Holster and it isn't a perk, it's just something you buy off the wall. Then depending on the level of your Quick Revive, you can lose it or keep it if you die, but you always keep it if you're just downed. I also came up with how to get more perks than just the 4, I call those Cupholders. I'd appreciate some comments.
  3. After bashing Treyarch (love/hate relationship) for not giving us a release date, they finally gave it to us, here's their official page with it saying June 10th, luckily free Dead Nation will keep me busy till then. Here's the page - http://www.callofduty.com/blackops/dlc
  4. I consider the Mustang and Sally a wonderweapon, it's certainly far more wonderful than the useless VR11, the upgraded crossbow is better than the upgraded VR11 and it's not a wonderweapon. Everytime I play a level with flopper I go for the M&S because they're major crowd clearers and keep me from getting cornered, I usually won't even ge the ThunderGun in Ascension, but I definitely get the Scavenger, if it exploded a bit sooner it'd be even more amazing. Now that they have a super sniper, they need a super shotgun similar to the one in Dead Ops, and they need a super assault rifle, or they could put the deathmachine in the box. That way every class of weapons would have a superweapon and there could be superweapons for all 4 players instead of 1 plus M&S when there is flopper. I'm a firm supporter of M&S and I likewise give similar support to the Scavenger, which is the real wonderweapon in COTD since the VR11 is practically useless, if you can even hit a zombie with it.
  5. They get paid to make something, they do it badly, I call that incompetent, since it should have been very easy to give us players what we want. As far as not being able to put it out with a click of a button, well I have no idea what the process involves, but I imagine they've been in touch with Sony and had a better idea when it'd be back up than us. Regardless though, the store is now back up, now they could at least give a release date, but instead they keep us in the dark. Here's a link (http://www.callofduty.com/blackops/dlc2/burgerman-video) that shows it as "coming soon", the PC had it at June 2 before it was released, but they'll likely dilly dally and we won't get it till the 20th or so. Treyarch didn't even put a pack a punch in a level until the 4th one, I could go on and on about how terrible they are, but I'm going to save it for an epic thread fixing all of their "incompetence", the main reason I joined this forum. I'm just saying that video game makers hate us and purposely make things badly, either to sell sequels or to harness nerd rage to save their dying planet, Treyarch is on the forefront of almost giving us what we want, so I'm saying they're going to go out of their way to not give us the DLC until later.
  6. I've even heard or read something official that mentions discovering a tunnel, I would love for there to be more easter eggs, but my guess is they're talking about the part where zombies hang down or the ice slide.
  7. I hate on Treyarch because they deserve it, I love them for giving us Zombies though. And I don't blame hackers because the Playstation Store is now up, which I mention in the original post. First Strike for PS3 was a month after 360, yet we can't even find out sound information about when it's coming out, and Treyarch is certainly to blame for that. Considering Treyarch gave us the VR11, the worst wonderweapon, I'm saying I wouldn't be surprised if their incompetence spilled over into the new DLC not being released for another week.
  8. As of 1:30 here in Indiana there is no Escalation in the Playstation Store which is now up, of course Call of the Dead is what I'm concerned about. It was May 3rd for the 360 (which I played thoroughly on a borrowed 360), which was a Thursday, of course Treyarch's site is useless and I can't even find out if it actually released for PC. I assumed it would come out when the Store came back up but now it's up before the expected release date. Considering Treyarch is involved, doesn't even put monkey bombs, gerschs, or an alternative into Call of the Dead, but keeps the Matryoshka Dolls, I wouldn't be surprised if we don't get it tomorrow, but that's just optimistic pessimism.
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