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  1. Solo: Quick revive Juggernog Deadshot Then if I have a raygun PHD if not Speed Cola Co-op Juggernog Deadshot Speed Cola Then if I have a raygun PHD is not Quick Revive
  2. If you have three players. You can camp in front of the lighthouse, one person watches the cave mouth the other on the window and the other on the stairs. Just make sure everyone earns points and keep buying the MP5 off the wall and you can stay there without the box untill the late teens.
  3. I do like the sound the MP40 makes over the surround sound followed by the sounds of zombie heads exploding due to Deadshot making it near impossible not to hit them in the head.
  4. Why not buy the 47u then, it's right there? Personal prefernece? Or is it better? I am just wondering cus if the MP40 is better I am going to switch and start using that.
  5. As far as tactics go. I'd say communication in this map is more important then any map in the past It's a big place and a lot of ways to get seperated (i.e. flipper, ziplines, falling off the boat in the wrong place). The quickest way to go down in this map is getting seperated and not having a plan to meet back up.
  6. Deadshot is the third perk I get after QR and Jugg. Use the MP40 or AKu in the early rounds and just watch your points go up. Freezing in the water isn't hard to avoid either just jump you don't freeze as fast.
  7. I am leaning towards a fake, but does make me think there are other things we are missing on COTD
  8. I am going to say the zombies are my favorite. They don't say anything, don't complain when you shoot them. They are cute when they crawl around too. "For without zombies there is no Zombies mode. And without zombies mode I would be lost in my life. Thanks be to the almighty element 115, creator of hours of entertainment and stress relief Amen
  9. I know I dont post much (2nd post ever). I wanted to get a feel to see if people actually think there is more to this map then we have already discovered. There is a lot of talk about a secret underground passage, what can be done w/ zombie vision and other little things that seem interesting. Also with the Romerothezombie twitter account feeding us information that seems plausible has perked my intersts. However, no one has had any results from what I can find and makes me believe he is a fake, but nonetheless I have a feeling there is more. Let the brain pool that is internet forum dwellers BEGIN!!!!!
  10. Hello all, New to the site as this is my first post, but I had an idea and needed to tell some group of well educated zombie players. On the part of the ship above Juggernog there are shipping containers that look like they have some electrical parts in them. I thought maybe having George make some lighting in these areas would have an effect. Has any one tried?
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