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  1. your steps only work only on solo ive been trying this on co op but it wouldn't work so my friend went on solo did the exact same and it worked so there must be a missing step in co op
  2. me and my friends have done everything on this post and the light has not appeared
  3. it shoots kind of an energy ball easily mistaken for a flame.
  4. then what since you've completed it
  5. the flares not the crane things i dont know what your talking about when you say "cranes"
  6. we've already tried that but not trying to discourage anyone from trying it you never know.
  7. There are 4 but are easy to miss.
  8. I think that inside the room are the ghosts/souls of the original 4 and when we finaly open the door it will release their souls/ghosts to heaven or in other words paradise.
  9. me and my friends have been searching for the next step including the long gold rod with fingers and we have an idea it might be a description of the wonderwaffe dg-2 or at least a part of it as richtofen produced the dg-2 with dr maxis and also talks about the wonderwaffe in some of the radios in call of the dead just an idea though dont go spending everything on the box as it could be ANYTHING ANYWHERE!
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