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    Sending the crew to 'paradise': A step by step guide.

    I no how to do it. First you have to turn on the power and go to the door by the PHD then knife it after they stop talking. Second you have to find the fuse which is usually on the table upstairs by the fuse boxes Third put the fuse in the box next to the door and knife the door listen and then destroy the generators there quite easy to find just search the map there is 4 Fourth knife the door and then listen to cut scene (if on solo you wont have to find the vodka) Nikolai will thell you to get some vodka (it can be in different places most likely upstairs on the metal stairs near the teddy bear on the crates. Knife the vodka and get the other player to catch it then put it in the tube and knife the door Next (this is the hard bit) listen to what they say and go to the room where the power switch is and pull the most right switch once and the most left switch push three times the turn the wheel right 2 times. Next there should be a submarine emiting a green light to the light house then get a vr-11 and shoot a zombie and they will run to the light in the center of the light house kill the human with a grenade before he floats up and you will get a golden rod give it to the characters and then knife the door Lastly knife the fuse when it brakes and then listen to the cutscene and get your reward! [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains]

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