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  1. the last map for black ops yea the last map for zombies series noooooo treyarch will make other games people and lastly how does the world explode if you are on area 51 after it does anyone think that maybe area 51 is on earth i'm just sayin...
  2. I think that annihilation will have the last map of our CURRENT zombies story line there will be a black ops 2 so maybe they will start a new storyline with new characters ( keep perks and ray gun) or they will continue the current storyline
  3. they would make a bunch of money if they did that the only one i would want is der riese
  4. haven't figured out name but it lets you hold 3 weapons cost 5000 if you get downed you don't lose this perk
  5. famas duel mag frag concussion claymore hardline sleight of hand marathon all pro
  6. never would of thought of that [brains]
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