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  1. I hate to say it but damn it feels good to be right....I had a feeling but noooo some ppl don't like to have open minds...I'm kidding but for real lets finish this Easter egg in call of the dead at least lol
  2. Has anyone seen or found the new melee weapons as well as the different weapon attachments to your guns? I heard the gersch you can also see a picture of the gersch device in the loading screen? True or false.
  3. You could try a guest membership, a user could be given a account name(randomly chosen) and after say 10 days it becomes inactive and they would have to renew it by becoming a member. If they don't well that's there loss. It would cut down on permanent inactive members.
  4. Maybe just maybe By shooting everything ( including george romero)and do it with a lot of different guns could result in the unlocking of attachments.....when he says with a lot of different guns kinda of makes me think that each weapon has the possibility of an attachment, you can see in the video that one of the heavy machine guns has an acog and a round drum. Also the silencer is shown too. That's so awesome if it's true. Also your prolly right about the songs, Easter eggs n maybe something new....get interactive
  5. I would really like the ak-47, the browning, Mg-42,ppsh, Thompson,as well as an opportunity to get certain attachments off the walls like the acog site,grip,dual mags or extended clip round drum.
  6. I'd like to believe that they are related some how, honestly why stop the story line ya know? So they took it in another direction that doesn't mean that the story line ends. Maybe the incomplete Easter egg has something to do with why the original characters are not in the new one. Maybe there trapped in ascension and sum how sent a message ( hence the name CALL of the dead)to the future to one the new characters to warn them about about a upcoming zombie problem. I know this is farfetched, I'm just thinking out loud. Also when you do node seven or eight in ascension I thought sum1 says not enough power which could be why there trapped or stuck in that time frame and not in call of the dead. Why even take a break from the story line? So they can make a map for unexpierenced zombie players and not continue the story. Doubt it. there has to be a correlation, you don't Make 7 maps and just say hey let's just stop the story line especially when there are more zombie players than ever. Sum thing is important about call of the dead but we won't know the significance until we play it.
  7. Yeah I posted that prior to trailer to call of the dead coming out. I bet we will see some similarities but nothing of importance, I just hope 3arc doesnt leave a incomplete Easter egg in this map bc the one in ascension frustrates me.
  8. Yeah I posted that prior to trailer to call of the dead coming out. I bet we will see some similarities but nothing of importance, I just hope 3arc doesnt leave a incomplete Easter egg in this map bc the one in ascension frustrates me.
  9. Seriously, that was a flame thing to say to what I said. Obviously, your taking the fun out of zombies by hating on what I have to say. Honestly a stupid zombie player would think of the window crawler nonsense. I just had an idea bc of how close in time proximity of the new call of the dead map vs. Ascension. I mean it's only been a few months since first strike came out, and seeing how all the maps are related I drew a possible correlation between the two. Ive been following zombies since world at war and have realized you can not count out any theory.
  10. Yah they could of let us know at least if there was an ending, bc honestly ppl are and were getting obsessed with this bs. I'd like to know, plus id like to rub it in all the haters faces, lol. And for their patching skills, they are just as good as PSN's skill on maintenaning there network. 1-2 days and everything will be back to normal, my a$$ PS. Also, I agree ascension is the best looking map, I just don't like the wall gun arrangement as well as how you can camp at the stairs, makes it to simple. The maps are obviously getting deeper n deeper. I've owned them all since W@W, hope call of the dead blows minds.
  11. Okay so we all cannot figure out this Ascension Easter Egg garbage, well what if the reason we can not figure it out is bc Ascension and the new zombie map share the Easter egg??? Honestly almost everything has been tried and from threads I've read from extreme zombie enthusiasts Samantha has something to do with this new map. Maybe that's wat this new map has to offer...possible transporters back to an old map to finish the quest cuz obviously we don't have the right weapons or power source to complete the ascension Easter egg. Just a thought... Numa.....30 Der rise...33 Kino....37 Ascension....35
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