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  1. I bored of explaining thn story to n00bs, (No offence) It was destroyed by the overloading telepoter, and it would make Kino way to easy. And it's WunderWaffe... Peace out... 8-) i know its wunderwaffe with a W but i like it with a V cause its a german 115 weapon
  2. Why and How did they get away with taking out the Vunderwaffe DG-2 (german ftw!) out of black ops yea i know its a WaW wepon but it kicks ass 8-) and when you buy juggernog with it a PaP it you are unstopable
  3. yep agreed man the spectre sucks now :facepalm:
  4. Nice Dedications :cry: And Im With You On The First Part.Good Ol' Juggonog 8-) i miss mr.monkey :cry: but yea no one can beat the good ol ray gun and juggernog combo 8-)
  5. Tell Me About It I Cant Stand How They Didnt Bring It Back! i know right i miss tazzing zombies :lol:
  6. wow same thats all i use it for or fer shits and giggles
  7. yea ive seen those before but i was surprised then i rememberd
  8. hm yea ive seen that before i was like :!: :?: what the hell is this
  9. hmm ive been wondering about that alot i liked the old spectre
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