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  1. It's the theory that what we have been playing is actually some kind of dream. It is caused by experiments being conducted on the characters. You can read the thread here: viewtopic.php?f=56&t=3659&hilit=dreamland+theory
  2. Well from the radio it sounds like Yuri is pulled into the Gersh Device as well. He was probably spit out somewhere else. And he is not the one you are helping wit the Cassimir Mechanism, it's Gersh.
  3. I have seen a few topics and posts now about where the DG-2 is or if it is even in Ascension. I thought about it a little and came up with a reasonable explanation. Notice that the special weapons have only been located on maps they were worked on(with the exception of the Raygun I suppose). The DG-2 was at SNN because Richtofen brought it there, and it was at Der Reise because it was made there. The Winters Howl is only on Five(correct me if I'm wrong but I have not seen it on any other map)because it was the special weapon the Americans worked on. The Thundergun appears on Ascension because it was made there(Project Thunder). Now why does the the DG-2 not appear on any of the new maps? Well we find out in Der Reise that they planned on mass producing the DG-2. But what if they never did? Since it was never mass produced it would not make it's way to places not involved in it's creation. If there was more than 1 DG-2 they were probably lost at SNN or Der Reise. This can also be said about the special grenades and other weapons. Monkey Bombs have only appeared in the Group 935 locations, blame Richtofen?(I'm not sure if they are in Five or not, I feel like I have seen them). Matryoshka Dolls and the Gersh Device are only in Ascension, blame Yuri? You probably won't see the Sickle in any maps outside of Russia either. The Bowie Knife actually has American origins but lets say it will stay the way it has been. The exception to this theory is the Thundergun. If it was produced in Ascension(somewhere in Russia) how did it make it's way to Kino(somewhere in Germany(probably)). I could bring up Kowloon but...blah. There was no indication that it was mass produced(I think) so I find it odd that it is in Kino, other than the fact that Treyarch just wanted to put it in the game. These facts lead me to believe there could be one more special weapon out there, one made by the Japanese. The Germans have the DG-2(and the Raygun), the Russians have the Thundergun, and the Americans have Winters Howl. I don't see our hero's returning to Japan anytime soon though. I think thats about it. I highly doubt the DG-2 is in Ascension, however I like the theories of a possible PPSH. You never know with Treyarch. Let me know what you guys think.
  4. WOW. You really are somethin', eh? A Dragunov bullet can travel 1,300 m with scope. I doubt that light is farther away than that. A Dragunov can definitely shoot that light, so a PaP Dragunov can shoot probably twice that of a normal Dragunov. And don't even get me started on the L96A1. Okay, it's range is about 1,500 m with scope. But a Dragunov can more than hit that light. Now for the Death Machine... 3,280 ft (1,000 m, 1,093 yd). Yep. Death Machine can reach. I win. You should just delete your post now... I did the same as him, but with a pack a punched L96A1, my friends watched me do it and said the bullet went nowhere near the light. It was so off to the point where they were mocking me asking if I was even trying to aim at it. The snipers, pack a punched or not, can not hit those lights.
  5. before you do that, you have to use all three lunar landers! Before you do that you have to turn on the power!
  6. Well there is 115 on the moon :P
  7. There are a lot more than 6 batteries, my group has counted about 14. And yes it is interesting that those documents are scattered about the floor. I think it's strange that a Russian facility would have them lying around.
  8. Thats what I tried the first time and it did not seems to change anything. Some one needs to post the continuation of the code. In the code that was posted here already the lines that check for HYENA and HITSAM don't do anything at all. But there is a line that suggests the events are continued in another segment of code. Anyone who is able to get that code should post it.
  9. If I understand what you are talking about those are just lights at the base of satalites. I tried shooting these with a pack-a-punched sniper rifle a while ago when that was a theory. Trust me, they are just lights.
  10. I ran into this my first time playing. There is a radio directly below that battery if you go down there you can see it. My friends started freaking out when he though the battery was talking to him. It is probably just a glitch. I confirmed that the radio played the same thing as when pressed with the battery.
  11. I really like this idea. I'm gonna play around with what some of them could relate to. Skewer the winged beast could also be shooting down the rocket. The keys might also be Gersch Devices. The horde could be monkeys? Raise hell...Samantha?
  12. I'm fluent with C++ and Java, makes looking for answers easier, but I feel like it's cheating lol.
  13. The only time I tried it I did HYENA, nothing happened. Then we tried HITSAM, nothing happened. Then we tried LUNA, and the usual stuff happened. Me and my friends are pretty burnt out after playing for almost 2 days straight cracking this easter egg so we probably won't play for a few days lol.
  14. Some one else on here said one of the lines in the code suggests that it is continued in another file. I think it was 'clientnotify'. level clientnotify( "sia" ); is what it was. I don't know what some of the code in there is, I should take a look through these files some time.
  15. Oh I didn't think it was on iTunes already
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