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  1. This made me sad. Fuck you Activion, fuck you Treyarch, fuck you squirrels.
  2. The PAP is in the cockpit of the rocket. I already figured that it was before the Achievements were leaked, but this just confirms my suspicion... You definitely won't have to go to the moon. I would bet a fair amount of money that the PAP is inside of the rocket in the cockpit. You will probably have to teleport again.
  3. Either they fixed it really quickly or this is fake. I just checked and it does not say that. However, I can agree that the PS3 version of Black Ops is more obviously a port than MW2 was. I think they downright lied when they said the PS3 version had its own development team. Absolutely disgusting.
  4. The new zombies maps are quite strange. I don't think the timeline is actually supposed to be relevant. Treyarch, for the most part, is really good and filling in the holes and making sure that nothing is off, but they may have screwed up this time. There's a piece of paper that says 1975, there's the Berlin wall, there's that building that finished construction in 1969 that is under construction on this map, the M16 and AK74u are on this map, but the MP40 is also here... The timeline simply does not make sense, but maybe that's the point. They traveled through time, so they could have screwed things up.
  5. This is completely false. My solo High Score on Shi No Numa is 205, without glitches or anything unfair. If you look at the high scores for Nacht, you will see that the high scores are literally in the thousands. The original 4 don't have round limits or anything like that, because it was quite feasible to reach rounds in the hundreds. Kino and Five are easy to get really high rounds, as well. I got to round 35 solo on Kino, but I only died because I got bored and ran into a swarm. It's just about running around in a circle, building the zombies into a big group and hitting them with the DG-2 or the Thundergun. I'm not saying that the OP is telling the truth, I'm just saying that it's possible.
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