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  1. The picture where you are looking at the m16 and the power sign looked like it is shot from inside that zombie spawn. you know the red one with the reels if this has been said before. I am greatly sorry for wasting your time good sir.
  2. Me and alexbruhbruh are the ones who thought of the 115 guns and when I read your post I was like Damn lol but last night we did it now it didn't work but while we were doing it weird stuff started capping one is that our people started saying weird stuff like omg I wish I could have recorded this but I was takeo and my other friend was dempsy I got monkey bombs and takeo said this will amuse the emperor and the dempsy said we all hope the big monkey will eat you takeo O.o if you don't believe me ask alexbruhbruh and we had one more gun to go and I threw a monkey bomb and he said your getting close Sam not here I come Sam the last and scariest is when we left the guns in the pap the crawlers that we made disappeared and a zombie with both legs was breaking in and it was running so fast we threw 2 grenades at it one it it right in the face and it kept running the last took it down and it happened again but our crawler turned into a nova 6 crawler but yeah it has been done
  3. I'm on alexbruhbruh's team and we did get all the guns but nothing worked it hurts my head. Come on together we can think of something there has to be more. I don't care who says we have found all the stuff I'm not gonna stop till treyarch gets in an xbox live party with me and says Jason you have found all the secrets lol
  4. Yeah last night we did it we got all the guns we just waited till last to get the mp5 lol but in the end we got them all pap and nothing happened but also I got a kinda new theory going on.....while I was waiting for the teleporter to teleport us to the little girls room etc. I blew myself up with a grenade normally when it teleporter you blue electricity goes down the screen but when I was down the whole room just starts spinning today I'm gonna die in one of the rooms lol
  5. [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains]
  6. Dang we are on 360 but I just finished a game and me and my team just tried it and we got every 115 named gun but the l96 now It's weird because it was like the game was not giving it to us we used over 19,000 trying for that one gun it kept stopping on it and it would switch one more after it.....
  7. Thanks so do you have any ideas man?
  8. Ok so i know everyone says that "beware the six" is about dogs or other things like that. But one of my friends that i play zombies with brought up a good point. If you listen to the song 115 she says Bring me 115 six times... now i thought you know its just the song but remember there are six guns that when PaP they become guns with names of 115 (ex: mp5k becomes mp115 and g11 become g115 etc) now if she says bring me 115 i thing she might mean bring me all six of those guns. the only problem with that theory is how do we give it to her? i have an idea but its a little wack. she says in the song "everyone tries to hold on to thier lives when no ones alive bring me 115" ok here is the theory. get 4 people in a lobby. 3 of the four get two 115 named guns now when all PaP each person should have two guns with the name 115.....this is the part when im not so sure....the only way to give it to her is to die...yeah all three people with guns should die and leave only the last person something may or may not happen im not sure me and my friends had all but the l96 and dragonov(sniper) PaP and we died we will try again but others should try out there as well....its just a theory but yeah anything is possible. Just let me know what you think thanks. Peace.
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