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  1. That would make sense. An "Engineer" working at the launch facility. If you think about all the mechanics/maintenance involved this would seem like a likely situation.
  2. Youtube videos do tend to be very pixelated and of a rather low quality. Also a lot of movement proves difficult for us to see what is actually in the background. As for surprises, I think there is a big difference between watching and playing the game. Do you honestly expect me to sit back in ignorance and not to succumb to the temptation of finding out more about the new zombie map which has been getting all of us excited from the first mention of it? I just want to get as far ahead as I can seeing as the X-Box lot get to play it first! Grrr. (NateNote)
  3. A shall be assisting with this analysis. We attend the same college so will be working together on this. I shall give out my email address to whoever can email angled screenshots at quite a high quality. This way we can use a variety of programs (Provided by the college :roll: ) in order to perform an in-depth analysis. Any offers?? (NateNote)
  4. That would make an awesome new character! Pissed off Englishman!
  5. Nothing quite like a cuppa to rest the nerves. I swear to god level 28 on zombies would be a lot less stressful with a good mug by my side... mmm.
  6. Not many americans up atm. So you may have to wait a while. I suggest one should have a cup of tea and a crumpet whilst one waits as one so often does in Britain.
  7. Omg! How would I go about kissing you?!? Great post! Very Excited (NateNote)
  8. IS that... a GIANT monkey? It IS isn't it! And... OH... it wouldn't happen to be a link to the SPACESUIT monkey by any chance would it? It is?!?!? . Proud of you It looks like a giant turd :| With no Spacesuit But it's like a Nazi zombies 'where's wally'!!! So you are forgiven. My advise, don't get bored at college, your future depends on it. Now go forth unto the world and... multiply? :S :facepalm:
  9. First of all - Why Thank You. Secondly - Perhaps, but I think the idea of closing doors - not that it is a bad one as I have imagined how useful it would be on many occasions - is unlikely. I doubt Treyarc would allow us the use of such a liberty (Bastards! - I Joke ). But it is anyone's game at this point in time. Keep the ideas coming Interesting Theory :D
  10. You have a point... we can't really know anything as of yet, but we can get a general depiction of what the inside will look like as it would have to match the outside in some sense. And it could be that we actually spend most of the time outside anyway. But a valid point, made me think... [brains] (NateNote)
  11. And those who think it is only on the COD facebook page - > http://www.callofduty.com/BLACKOPS/DLC It's on the offical COD website. So... yeah. :roll: Just don't argue it's still fake when it actually comes out now ok? (NateNote)
  12. It's actually a sock launcher... Bn7. No but seriously how would they make a water weapon powerful enough? I have a feeling, and it's just a feeling of course, that we may be taking around with us a mini "teleport"/disintegration style weapon. Bang! and they're gone.
  13. Some good ideas though not all of them feasible and perhaps some a bit awkward. I love the idea of freeze by the way - I can see that working out nicely! Don't like 1, 3, 6 or 11. They seem a bit strange and need re-thinking perhaps. 2 I totally agree, I even miss the Browning - it made the game exciting! 5 perhaps is a bit odd, but I think it would be a good idea to have some way of getting powers ups - max ammo is often needed I find. Already said I like 4 Some good ideas there. May I perhaps suggest the ability to close and open doors after they are bought - not the debris however. That would make for greater strategies. (NateNote)
  14. Because in order for it to be classified as a gun it must have a method of aiming otherwise it would be a "pulsethrower". An example, the flamethrower has no sight. Also it is put together with different parts therefore it could be they just used the "chassis" of a gun to hold it together. Or perhaps it exceeded their expectation and they first intended it to shoot a ray not a pulse. Personally I don't really think it is too important. I wouldn't worry about it. If the gun works and does the job, be happy . (NateNote)
  15. Thought so. How do you delete threads as this one now seems irrelevant? I just thought it was a bit odd everyone talking about a lighthouse and then there being one in this picture. Dead end. Sorry, my bad guys. (NateNote)
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