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  1. (NateNote)

    trailer? ):

    That would make an awesome new character! Pissed off Englishman!
  2. (NateNote)

    trailer? ):

    Nothing quite like a cuppa to rest the nerves. I swear to god level 28 on zombies would be a lot less stressful with a good mug by my side... mmm.
  3. (NateNote)

    trailer? ):

    Not many americans up atm. So you may have to wait a while. I suggest one should have a cup of tea and a crumpet whilst one waits as one so often does in Britain.
  4. (NateNote)

    What Will The New Power Weapon Be??

    It's actually a sock launcher... Bn7. No but seriously how would they make a water weapon powerful enough? I have a feeling, and it's just a feeling of course, that we may be taking around with us a mini "teleport"/disintegration style weapon. Bang! and they're gone.
  5. (NateNote)

    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    Usually play solo, that way I don't have the burden of having to revive others and tend to do better. And now that quick revive has upgraded it's even easier. I got to level 32 on Kino Der Toten and stupidly ran back for a Max Ammo and got trapped. :/
  6. (NateNote)

    Ascension MUST take place in the United States.

    True, Previously the zombie maps have mimicked maps for multi-player that have been included in the same map pack (Nach= airfield, Verk=Asylum, Der= Nightfire, Five = U.S.D.D). This means that this new "Ascension" map could sit parallel to one of these maps released alongside it in the new map pack on the first of next month. This means that it we would have no way of perceiving what it would be like until the day of release. It would make sense though if it mimicked "Executive Order" as it would suggest a launch site (the spacesuit monkey). (NateNote)
  7. (NateNote)

    Ascension MUST take place in the United States.

    Haven't we forgotten one very vital factor here? Four words; "Monkey in a Spacesuit". What do Spacesuits, JFK and the word "Ascension" have in common? That's Right! Space Race! Which takes place...? Anyone?

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